A few final Wonder Festival industry notes before the big event tomorrow, including Akiyama Koubou’s 1/1 scale Ayanami Rei, the surprise appearance of voice actresses from Kodomo no Jikan and Potemayo, and the world’s first ever tote bag made from a gym uniform. We’ll be bringing you coverage of all the Wanfesu action starting tomorrow night, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

  • Solid Theater – selling Play Stationary 1 and 2, Al Ajif and Daijuuji Kurou (Demonbane) resin kit, “taisou-bukuro” (gym uniform bag) with Amiko plush
  • Akiyama Koubou – 1/1 scale Ayanami Rei on display
  • Kotobukiya – slightly smaller Rei on display
  • Azoth – E x E character resin kits for sale
  • Aoshima – Funny Knights Rudy “international edition” on sale
  • Cospa – first Resinya figure is Kanon’s Minase Nayuki
  • Toys Planning – SnapP’s customizable trading figures
  • CMs – Kodomo no Jikan and Potemayo voice actors signing goods
  • T’s System – resin kit lineup for the event is now online
  • Goodsmile – Kotona and Remi Nendoroids on display

For a complete rundown of the industry presence at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, check out Midareuchi’s magnificent coverage (Japanese only, alas). As usual he’s compiled the entire list of industry participants on one easily navigable page.