In the prurient interests of comprehensive figure coverage, some updates on a few of the items we’ve been following here recently: Akiba Blog scoops the castoffability of Megahouse’s soon to be released Queen’s Blade Tomoe figure, albeit the limited color edition. Updated Amiami listings also bring good news, in the form of new shots of Taki Corporation’s ero-ero Kanu Unchou Ikkitousen kit and Movic’s recently announced Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu; relevant images reproduced below:

Megahouse's Queen's Blade Tomoe PVC figure, cast off Taki Corporation's Ikkitousen Kanu Unchou PVC figure, cast off the castoff potential of Movic's Tsukiumi PVC figure from Sekirei the castoff potential of Movic's Matsu PVC figure from Sekirei

It seems Tomoe is a near full castoff beyond the pantsu, while Taki’s Kanu seems amazingly to be a 100% castoff job. Based on the precedent of Movic’s Musubi I’m betting Tsukiumi will be a chest castoff, with Matsu’s skirt seemingly removable as well.

…ahh, I love the smell of cheesecake in the morning…