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Site News: Comiket 72 HDmeet is ON!

Friday August 17th, Tokyo Big Sight lobby, 3:00 PM. We’re planning to meet near the coin lockers adjacent to the main entrance of the Big Sight lobby and then head out en masse in search of some place to grab a bite of food and drink and socialization, and myself and Shipon would be honored if you’d keep us company! We’ll try to pinpoint a location ahead of time based on any response we might receive to this cunning plan, as spur-of-the-moment barbarian hordes are not handled particularly well by most Japanese drinking establishments; if it’s just going to be a few of us we can be more flexible, so please do try to contact us either here in comments or via email if it looks like you’ll be around. A map of the rendezvous point is below:

Figure News: Wave scoops their entire Wonder Festival release announcement lineup?

Wave’s Wonder Festival 2007 Summer page has been unexpectedly fleshed out with details on (and pictures of) what appear to be all of the upcoming items they’ll have on display there. The newly pictured bishoujo kits include a 1/8 scale Yoko from Gurren Lagann, the earlier-announced 1/10 scale Haruhi, Yuki, Tsuruya-san and Kyon’s sister from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, non-scale Bushido no Onna no Ko and Paladin no Onna no Ko from Sekaiju no Meikyuu, 1/10 scale Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!, 1/10 scale Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, 1/10 scale Buster Machine #7 from Top wo Nerae! 2, 1/10 scale Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou, 1/10 scale Amami Haruka from The Idolm@ster, 1/10 scale Tsuyuri from Doujin Work, and 1/8 scale Sendo Erika and subsequent character series from Fortune Arterial. We’ll be revisiting Wave’s lineup with photos and more detailed information after the event, but for now here’s something we can all salivate over in anticipation… here’s hoping the other makers present have similarly robust lineups in the offing! (no more)

Figure News: Movic presents Yamashita Shunya’s Kokona, in PVC

Hobby Stock just put a preorder listing up for a new Yamashita Shunya designed PVC figure, dubbed Kokona. She’s coming from Movic in October at 6,090 yen retail, 25 cm tall (1/7 scale?), with sculpting duty handled by Ishida Eiichi of studio DRESS; I was surprised to see this listing today as in the past couple of years Yamashita has consistently announced new figures on his blog before they appear anywhere else, but as a fan of his work I’m happy to see a maker finally branch out into the fantasy side of his portfolio. Pictures below:

[ERO] Goods News: Goodsmile enters the hug pillow arena

News in from Goodsmile’s Chara Hobby event listing today that they’ll be offering an Amaizumimoriamekoyorino Mikoto (say that three times fast) [ERO] hug pillow for preorder at the event. She’s one of the heroines of rookie eroge maker Clochette‘s upcoming maiden release Kamipani!, and typically goes by the much shorter nickname Koyori; while I don’t see much of note in their choice of subjects it’s interesting to see Goodsmile branching further out into the non-figure goods arena, and we’ll be keeping an eye on any similar future developments. Pillow pictures below:

[ERO] Figure Review: Romando’s Koishikawa Nami + “Love Play Unit” PVC from Nami SOS

Ever since we reported on this noodly appendage-clad, awkwardly proportioned figure back in March I’ve been awaiting its release with a mix of anticipation and dread, similar to the mix of fascination and repulsion this kit surely inspires as one of the most bizarre items to come out of Japan’s hobby industry in a long time (at least a week). What is the result when maker Romando turns its hand to the tentacles and old-school campiness of cult classic eromanga Nami SOS? Not too shabby, especially if you’re not expecting much more than a bizarre gimmick item. This review is rated [ERO] not for explicit content but to shield the eyes of viewers with any taste whatsoever; those interested can read on for the lurid details.