Eroge maker Lilith has an introductory page online for its next budget title Uchuu Kaizoku Sara. The space pirate-themed ADV is due out via download on August 24th and in a package version on the 31st, and features character designs from noted doujin artist Seura Isago. Lilith’s affiliate anime brand Pixy also updated recently with an official page online for Taimanin Asagi vol. 2, the second eroanime OVA to be based on the Kagami-designed Taimanin Asagi and directed, storyboarded and adapted for animation by Murakami Teruaki, (in)famous most recently for his work on anime adaptations of Mink‘s Yakin Byoutou games. The episode will be available for sale via download on August 11th and packaged on the 31st; a nice pair of post-Comiket offerings for fans of darker material. (no more)