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[ERO] Game News: intro pages up for Lilith’s Uchuu Kaizoku Sara, Pixy’s Taimanin Asagi vol. 2

Eroge maker Lilith has an introductory page online for its next budget title Uchuu Kaizoku Sara. The space pirate-themed ADV is due out via download on August 24th and in a package version on the 31st, and features character designs from noted doujin artist Seura Isago. Lilith’s affiliate anime brand Pixy also updated recently with an official page online for Taimanin Asagi vol. 2, the second eroanime OVA to be based on the Kagami-designed Taimanin Asagi and directed, storyboarded and adapted for animation by Murakami Teruaki, (in)famous most recently for his work on anime adaptations of Mink‘s Yakin Byoutou games. The episode will be available for sale via download on August 11th and packaged on the 31st; a nice pair of post-Comiket offerings for fans of darker material. (no more)

Figure News: To LOVE Ru Lala PVC coming from Piccolo in December

News is in today that rookie maker Piccolo will be producing a 1/8 scale (22 cm) Lala Satalin Deviluke PVC figure, heroine of the popular Shounen Jump manga To LOVE Ru. She’s scheduled to retail on December 21st at 5,000 yen (tax included), well before the recently announced TV anime begins its run in April 2008; I can’t vouch for the quality of this figure as Piccolo has yet to actually produce anything, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this. A pre-production prototype of the kit is expected to be on display at Wonder Festival this weekend, and a picture of the sculpt as it currently exists can be found below:

Figure News: Hobby Stock, TJ GrosNet list limited edition “Guernsey” Holstein Hanako-san

Yesterday Hobby Stock and TJ GrosNet both updated with listings for a limited edition alternate color version of the recently scooped Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Tsukasa Bullet 02 Holstein Hanako-san PVC. The colors of this version are patterned after Guernsey cattle, which according to Wikipedia produce more milk per body weight than any other breed. :3 The fact that the limited edition has appeared at multiple stores brings hope that it will be available via some international vendors as well; it looks like we’ll be seeing her in late November at a comparable price point to her regular edition counterpart. Pictures below:

Figure News: Wonder Festival industry update III

Our third Wonder Festival industry update includes official representation from the event’s sponsor Kaiyodo, an update from Toys Planning, item listings from Musashiya, Aizu, Amie Gran and others, news on a Max Factory Tsuruya-san, Orchid Seed’s Mogudan kit in full color, Konami Busou Shinki news, a T’s System Mitsumi Misato-designed PVC figure, a Nitro+ Royale play preview, and more!

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer garage kit preview, part I

What follows is a list of circles and their (new) wares present at Wonder Festival this summer, as defined by a few factors: a) some web presence, b) the specific declared intent to produce a new kit for the event, and c) my arbitrary interest in the subject. I’ve tried to be thorough here but a few circles will inevitably fall through the cracks; a continuation of the list will be forthcoming in the next day or so. Thus, in random order: