Alter posted an official page for its December-release Exelica PVC from Trigger Heart Exelica earlier this morning, and Amiami responded at their noon update with listings for both it and the earlier scooped Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu PVCs coming from Movic in October and November respectively. At 15,540 yen retail Exelica’s price is as astronomical as the figure is impressive, but for the Sekirei fan that I am the Matsu and Tsukiumi are looking like fine items indeed. :3 Still no word on the second version of Musubi they have in the works; hopefully she’ll be on display at Wonder Festival. Decent resolution Matsu and Tsukiumi pictures below:

Movic's Matsu PVC from Sekirei Movic's Tsukiumi PVC from Sekirei

I want to be their Ashikabi… ;_;

note to self: write up something on Sekirei
before the inevitable anime is announced