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Figure News: misc. tidbits from Hobby Japan October ’07

Better late than never, here are a few highlights from the August 25th release of Hobby Japan‘s October 2007 issue: WAP‘s Rumble Fish Garnet, the one I ranted about back in our coverage of Wonder Festival 2005 Winter, is coming to PVC! 5,040 yen, this winter, from Movic. In other news: a pair of Witchblade figures from Toranoana, a crazy detailed Saber Alter from Solid Theater, a Figma Kanu Unchou from Max Factory, and Kohaku / Touno Akiha from Sol International and Megahouse. Pictures below:

Figure News: Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm’s Gally) action figure, in color

Ultra Jump, the manga serial in which Gunnm: Last Order is published, posted further details on the Gally action figure we reported on back in July including a few sample images of the color prototype. According to the latest news from Ultra Jump the figure is still scheduled to be included with the limited edition of the “Gunnm Gaiden” manga, but no firm release date has yet been set and preorder details are still pending. We’ll update again when preorder listings are available. Pictures below:

Figure News: Shuraki vol. 3 to be “unsealed” on August 31st

Goodsmile / RED Entertainment multimedia collaboration project Shuraki‘s third “trinity box” is scheduled to go up for preorder at 00:00 (midnight) on August 31st, according to information posted on the official Shuraki site yesterday. The figure + drama cd + illustration book’s third installment is the Itou Ben-designed Shall Ruzman, voiced in the attached drama CD by Tamura Yukari and with the figure sculpted by Akemichi. Given the talent assembled for this iteration I think it’s safe to assume a feeding frenzy will occur this Friday similar to those attending the preorder listings of the first and second volumes… we’ll keep you posted as the bloodbath unfolds. [EDIT] Preorders begin officially in half an hour, and should show up at various shops over the next day or two. (no more)

Figure News: Max Factory’s Ino, Solid Theater’s Makimoto Misae up at Goodsmile

Goodsmile updated their product listing page today with two new offerings: the first from Max Factory is the Guilty Gear XX Ino PVC they revealed to be in production at Wonder Festival, based on the iconic Mitsumasa Yoshizawa resin kit from a few years back. She clocks in at 1/7 scale, 26.5 cm tall and a rather pricey 7,200 yen, and is set to hit shelves in December of this year. The second offering is from Solid Theater – the Makimoto Misae PVC we surmised to be in production at the beginning of the month, and was also confirmed at Wonder Festival. She’s coming to us in November via Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) and the Jingai Makyou novel Fantastique of Nine, with a retail price of 4,980 yen and standing 21 cm tall (non-scale). A couple of very nice items, if I do say so myself… this winter is going to hurt. ;_; We can look for preorders as early as this evening. (no more)

Protoculture News: encyclopedia of “yandere” heroines goes on sale

We first reported on the yandere boom back in May with information on the second doujin event devoted exclusively to these most bipolar of heroines. Word is in today from Akiba Blog that they’ve reached enough critical mass to receive their own installment in the “taizen” series of heroine encyclopedias (previous entries include Tsundere Taizen, Maid-san Taizen, and Imouto Game Taizen), with Yandere Taizen now on store shelves. Given the current airing of the School Days anime this couldn’t be a timelier release, and the book naturally features Sekai and Kotonoha along with Shuffle!‘s Kaede, Sakura from Fate / stay night, and other less prominent homicidal heroines. Given the inherently destructive nature of the yandere personality I’m curious to see the extent to which this particular meme will spread… will we get the yandere equivalent of Tsuyokiss, a game where your goal is to survive the jealous love of a bloodthirsty gang of bishoujo? (no more)

Figure News: Alter presents Xenosaga’s T-elos in PVC

First announced earlier this month at Wonder Festival, today Alter put up a page for their upcoming T-elos PVC from Xenosaga III. A Google search for sculptor Hane Motokatsu (羽根 モトカツ) turns up negligible results, but the proof is in the photos – this is looking to be a very nice kit indeed. She clocks in at 1/8 scale (21 cm tall), and is scheduled to retail in January ’08 at 6,090 yen. Now that she’s officially online preorders are only a matter of time… :3 (no more)

Anime News: Genshiken season 2 screen shots, production details scooped

Via Moon Phase: Famitsu has put up a feature on the second season of the Genshiken anime, scheduled to air this October. It includes the first proper screen shots of the show that we’ve seen online, as well as details on the staff, cast, and Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma spinoff (though no info as to its release format). A few interesting items of note: the show is being directed by Yoshimoto Kinji, a long time collaborator of Urushihara Satoshi‘s known primarily for his work on Plastic Little. Series composition is being handled by Yokote Michiko, who was responsible for the first series as well; script duty is credited to her and Shimoku Kio. Character designs are from Yanagida Yoshiaki, who did the Kujibiki Unbalance TV anime designs as well as those of the Genshiken OVA. The OP will be performed by Misato Aki, with the ED by Yuumao. Sue will be voiced by Gotou Yuuko (of Mikuru fame), and Angela will be voiced by Kaida Yuki. Man, I’m starting to get psyched for this… :D (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Yamato launches new figure line with Cobra-Kai’s Kanu

Maker Yamato today launched a new line of high quality figures dubbed Project Dynamite, with the long awaited Cobra-Kai sculpted 1/5 scale [ERO] Kanu Unchou prisoner ver. PVC from Ikkitousen as its flagship release. While it’s nice to see official online recognition from Yamato that they plan to release the kit, frustratingly there are still no details regarding its price or projected release date. The pre-preorder suspense continues… (no more)

Editor’s Desk: doujinshi, obscenity, and Japan’s imperiled freedom of speech

In the light of the recent arrest of a doujin artist on obscenity charges we take a look back at the past five years in the history of free speech regulation and litigation vis a vis drawn pornography in Japan. We examine the current state of affairs and speculate as to the fate of the free speech right enshrined in article 13 of Japan’s constitution, one that now seems to rest on a very fragile footing indeed.

Figure News: Goodsmile’s Nendoroid Kotona and Mabinogi Nao up for preorder

Goodsmile updated their official site today with pages for Nendoroid Kotona Elegance from Zoids Genesis and Nendoroid Nao from Mabinogi. Both are due out in December of this year, with Kotona retailing at 4,000 yen and Nao at 3,500. Amiami already has them both up for preorder so other sites should soon follow; news is also in from the Kotona entry that her Zoids heroine counterpart Re Mii will be available in Nendoroid form in January of 2008. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Griffon presents Ikkitousen’s Kanu, Hakufu, Ryofu, Gentoku, and Queen’s Blade Nanael completed figures, now in preorder

Griffon announced a veritable blitz of releases over the weekend, with preorders going up for Yamamoto Masahiro sculpted October release China Dress Kanu Unchou and [ERO] Ryofu Housen PVCs, a Sugiyama Satoshi sculpted October release Ryuubi Gentoku PVC, a late September release Akiyama Akio sculpted [ERO] nekkid Sonsaku Hakufu cold cast, and the extravagant Hiroman sculpted Queen’s Blade Nanael PVC / resin / cold cast hybrid due out in October. I’d pick up the Hakufu if she were in PVC, but as is the Kanu is the only one I’m mildly interested in (and maybe the Ryofu if they fix her face). Announce these things earlier and you might sell more, Griffon! (no more)

Pure Love Renaissance : C72 Omake! – Itasha

Shipon displays his stealthy cameraphone skillz and shows off some itasha he snapped at Comiket 72 and discovers that it’s not just hardened street racers who moe up their cars. There’s some soccer mums too…

Goods News: Queen’s Blade new characters unveiled, Nanael dakimakura + drama CD up for preorder

Hobby Stock beat the official Queen’s Blade site to the scoop today, presenting preorders for a pair of new October-release QB books: Claudette, the oldest sister in the family of Hisayuki Hirokazu (Wikipedia) designed characters also containing Reina and Erina, and Merona, an F.S designed ooze creature who looks like a bunny girl but the official character page emphatically states isn’t. In other news, the official site updated today with word that Nanael is to grace the cover of an [ERO] hug pillow, notable for its ability to be customized like a kisekae doll to your choice of costume (front side only) which they will custom print for you based on your specifications (you don’t change actual clothing on the pillow). Preorders for the 120 x 50 cm, 15,000 yen pillow are now open and shipping is expected in December; a proxy service will likely have to be deployed for those desirous of the item as it’s only available to be shipped inside Japan. Pictures below:

Figure News: Goodsmile, Max Factory present Corticarte Apa Lagranges, Kino, Aisaka Taiga

We’ve mentioned them here at various times over the past couple of months (with the exception of Kino, I think), but now it’s official: December ’07 will see the release of Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica‘s Corticarte Apa Lagranges and Kino no Tabi‘s Kino from Goodsmile, and Toradora!‘s Aisaka Taiga from Max Factory. Corticarte retails at 6,300 yen, with Kino at 4,800 and Taiga at 5,800. Now that they’ve been unleashed on Goodsmile’s official site we can expect preorder listings to appear soon… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Toy’sworks’ Crimson Grave Mirim PVC on the preorder horizon

Toy’sworks has just uploaded a sales pamplet image to their site for their earlier scooped ero-ero Mirim PVC, a collaboration with manga serial Dragon Age PURE and Miyake Taishi‘s Crimson Grave manga, whose heroine she is. She is almost entirely castoffable, pliantly busted, and cross-promoted with Toy’sworks’ series of tentacle monster figures, making her a fetish figure in more ways than could possibly be enumerated here… she’s due out in December, at 6,800 yen (tax included), 1/8 scale and 19 cm tall. Picture below:

[ERO] Figure News: Onee Chanbara VorteX heroine Aya coming in PVC from Toy’sworks

Getchu put listings up last night for both regular and limited edition versions of a Toy’sworks Aya figure based on her design in Onee Chanbara VorteX (Wikipedia). The katana-wielding Japanese cowgirl heroine is scheduled for release on November 30th at 6,279 yen (tax included) and 20 cm in height (1/8 scale?), and if shots of the sample kit are to be believed she appears castoffable from the waist up. While she is only listed at Getchu at present preorders at other locations should be coming soon. (no more)

Figure News: Orchid Seed’s Fiine, Ikaru Satsuki, Ten’i PVCs up for preorder

Orchid Seed pulls to the head of the pack today as the first maker to bring a substantial portion of their Wonder Festival announced PVC lineup up for preorder (thus far on their official site only, other locations expected to have their listings up within the next day or two). Listings now online are the earlier scooped PVC version of their [ERO] Comic Unreal cover girl Fiine (Feane) kit, due out in December; [ERO] Seinarukana‘s Ikaru Satsuki, due out in November, and Ikkitousen‘s Ten’i, out in December as well. This winter is becoming crowded already… (no more)

Figure News: WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR Wholesaler & Retailers event roundup

The official Goodsmile blog has posted a two part ([1] [2]) report on the August 21st private event held to brief the people that matter (wholesalers and retailers) on the new products of ten PVC figure makers, away from the prying eyes of the sweatily jostling fannish masses. Most of the information is not new (aside from the inevitable PVCification of Orchid Seed’s Fiine), but for the fans of absurdly chested [ERO] figures it is instructive to note the pliable bosoms of Daiki Kougyou‘s production model Vispo sculpted Kotoyoshi Yumisuke designed Sanae. …it’s rather hard to follow that up with anything, isn’t it. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: world’s first combination dating sim / SimCity game unveiled

First a fishing simulation, and now SimCity? An official site opened yesterday for Batsu Batsu na Kanojo no Tsukurikata (××な彼女のつくりかた), the newest title from eroge maker Kiss. Announced originally in the October ’07 issue of Tech Gian (released August 21st), in addition to traditional dating sim elements the game features a “city development system” superficially quite similar to that of the SimCity series of games; however instead of maximizing the happiness of your citizens or creating a bustling economy the goal here seems to be to socially engineer prime dating spots where you’re then able to court the game’s heroines – amusement parks, restaurants, and “adult goods” shops take precedence over factories and business sectors. The extent to which city development extends beyond a mere gimmick into actual strategic play is unknown, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this as further information comes along. Screenshot scan below:

[ERO] Game News: August 24th release roundup

Leading the pack this Friday (in my biased opinion) is G.J?’s Sano Toshihide designed Anata no Shiranai Kangofu, the tale of … who cares, it’s Sano Toshihide. :3 Also out this weekend are Loversoul’s Step by Steady, DualMage’s Syokusyulien, Pajama Soft’s Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita, Moonstone’s Clear, Rune’s Purely, and Sugar Beans’ otome game Under the Moon ~Tsukiiro Ehon~. Lilith’s Uchuu Kaizoku Sara will be available for purchase via download tomorrow as well. Games delayed from their originally scheduled August 24 release include Black Cyc’s Gun Katana (now scheduled for August 31st) and 13cm’s Shimai Tsuma 3. As a final note, a playable demo for Illusion‘s Jinkou Shoujo 3 will be available for download tomorrow to members of the Illusion email fanclub; I’ll try to post impressions over the weekend. (no more)

Goods News: Zero no Tsukaima Louise (ver. 2) dakimakura coming from Chara-Ani

The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute reports that anime goods maker and online shop Chara-Ani put up a listing yesterday for a new hug pillow (case only) depicting the feisty heroine of Zero no Tsukaima, Louise. It’s available for preorder from now through November 30th (which may be a typo as the sales date is listed as November 23rd) and retails for 8,000 yen, a nice price for a double-sided pillowcase of standard 150×50 cm dimensions. Good news for the Louise fans indeed. Pictures below:

Editor’s Desk: against the cult of personality

Sometimes a fellow needs to let off a little steam, and this post is it. What follows is a semi-coherent rant against what I see as a pox on today’s Japanese 2D culture: the blight of entertainers selling their personal attributes over the art they pretend to represent, and the following that such pretenders breed in their wake.

Goods News: drop Excalibur, Saber, and pick up that axe

Getchu has a listing online as of yesterday evening for a ZO-3 Fate/stay night SABER MODEL, a custom Fernandes electric guitar produced by the Rights-GT-Project. While I’m not a guitar expert the retail price of 45,000 yen (approx. USD $390) makes me think this is more a gimmick than a serious professional instrument (it comes with a telephone card, for crying out loud); still, a pretty classy statement for an ota-kei cover band or YouTube would-be god of ROCK. Saber’s axe thrashes its way to your door on January 31st, 2008, with preorders open through October 9th. (no more)

Event Report: Comic Market 72, day 3

I was able to participate with a circle ticket on the third day of Comic Market 72 under the auspices of Xiarobo, and together with eima we traversed what has become a well-worn path to the Big Sight on the morning of the 19th. I never thought I’d reach this point, but with my tenth Comiket the thing is almost starting to feel habitual… – just when it shouldn’t, as the potential for the entire doujin scene to disappear in an instant lurks menacingly on the horizon. Reflections below:

Anime News: Genshiken season 2 trailer online

This trailer was first shown at Media Factory‘s industry booth at Comiket 72, but now it’s RIGHT HERE, courtesy of the magic of YouTube (and SDS, who once again rules in the realm of Genshiken spottings). Points of note after a first viewing: the illustration of Kujian‘s Ritsuko Kyuubel Kettenkrad (Kaichou) taped to the clubroom door has returned to the original Yagumo Kengou OVA design, cause for much rejoicing. Also, while it’s admittedly too early to say from the brief clips presented here it seems they’ve tightened the quality control and are staying on model substantially more than in the first season. Ogiue and Ohno are looking great! めっちゃ楽しみだわ~ Embedded YouTube below:

[ERO] Figure News: Aoshima’s second Funny Knights figure “Cream Corone” PVC up for preorder

The second figure in Aoshima’s Funny Knights lineup is an odd one: the original Modeler T / MAX Yasuhiro collaboration kit Cream Corone. It’s… a NEE-san, coming out of a coroNE. Yep. It’s obvious that this kit was sculpted in the pre-Lucky Star era, otherwise it would’ve been Konata bursting out of a choco corone, but I digress… she’s 19 cm tall (non-scale) and will be released in late October at 5,775 yen retail, and the cream is removable for those interested in such things. (no more)

Figure News: Orchid Seed presents Mogudan-designed Comic Unreal cover girl Onna Kenshi Fiine in PVC

Well, it was bound to happen. Precisely because I bought the resin kit, Orchid Seed turned around and announced at the “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR Wholesaler & Retailers” expo today the PVCification of their (formerly Wanfesu limited) Onna Kenshi Fiine kit, based on the Mogudan illustrated cover of [ERO] Comic Unreal vol. 6. No release date has been disclosed, but the price has been set at 6,800 yen retail; I paid 9,800 for the (unpainted, unassembled) kit. This is good news, but AARGH. ;_; (no more)

Event News: Genshiken-only doujin convention planned for spring ’08

According to this post by pape over at Emo-teki na Hibi plans are in the works for the first ever Genshiken-only doujin convention! It’s scheduled to take place on May 5th, 2008 at the Taitou Kumin Kaikan building in Asakusa, and while there’s no official event page yet the level of detail in the announcement leads me to believe the space has already been reserved. I’m definitely going to be applying for great justice and OHNO LOVE – but May is so far away… ;_; Thanks to SDS for the heads up! (no more)

Goods News: charting the dakimakura boom

The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute updated yesterday with a retrospective look at hug pillow presence over the past several Comic Markets, from 66 through the recently concluded C72, complete with graph (the pink line is industry presence, the blue is doujin circle presence). The graph measures the number of discreet units for sale, not the volume sold. According to site maintainer Okayama Ken the near doubling in industry presence is indicative of a rise in entrepreneurial zeal but not a corresponding rise in the quality of goods – in other words there’s a rush to cash in on what many are seeing as easy money, so buyer beware. Still, going by the numbers it’s a good time to be a fan of 2D girls on body-length pillowcases. (no more)

Pure Love Renaissance : Comiket 72 Cosplay!

Shipon rocks the camera-fu at Comiket cosplay on all three days – here are almost 100 photos from all 3 days of cosplay at this summer’s Comic Market at Tokyo Big Sight. Enjoy!