Shipon returns today with episode four of HDTV, for a look at just what happens in Akihabara on a fine Sunday morning in spring after the streets are blocked off and throngs of shoppers are allowed to freely mingle with maids, policemen, salesclerks, street musicians, panhandlers, and cosplayers of every description.

Note: this episode was shot on Sunday, April 29th, 2007 and corresponds to the Pure Love Renaissance photo shoot also undertaken that day.

Shipon was able to complete work on this episode because he is a) on vacation and b) at home, sick. When not trying to convince the unfortunate vacationless that these somehow cancel each other out he reports progress on the Heisei Challenge, a project entirely unrelated to this site; he apologizes for the audio quality here, and will endeavor to bring a more robust recording apparatus for future episodes.

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