Hatsumi of sculpting circle 83℃ posted on his blog a few weeks ago to the effect that his C.C. resin kit had been given the OK for sale at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer. This is significant not only because it’s looking like a really nice kit, but also because it indicates a shift in Bandai policy toward figures based on its intellectual property. More below:

Unlike doujin events where the burden of copyright enforcement falls on the copyright holder, events such as Wonder Festival and World Hobby Festival operate under a “one day limited license system” where as part of the application process the event organizer contacts the copyright holders directly to secure permission on behalf of the applying circle.

Bandai is notorious for routinely declining such requests, especially those relating to the Gundam franchise, as it infringes on their business model. It was naturally assumed that requests for Geass permission would be declined as well, but this news changes things entirely – if one C.C. is allowed, why not more? And why not PVCs from makers such as Goodsmile? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would welcome relaxed restrictions from Bandai in this department, and I look forward to the possibility of a profusion of Geass kits at Wanfesu in a few weeks. :3