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Figure News: Goodsmile presents Corticarte Apa Lagranges, in PVC, from Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica

GA Graphic has just posted a thorough visual preview of an upcoming Corticarte figure announced from the wizards at Goodsmile. Based on the incorrigibly named heroine of the Polyphonica visual novel and anime (etc.), she’s due out in November at 19 cm (1/8 scale) with price yet determined. Arakawa Hiroshi of circle Almight (Happyhobby) (Amiami search) is on sculpting duty, with original designs from Kannatsuki Noboru (Wikipedia). Bit of a boring item in my opinion, but I’m sure there are Polyphonica fans out there who would beg to differ… (no more)

Anime News: Maria-sama ga Miteru season 4 announced

Via Cobalt, via the AnimeSuki forums, via Densetsu Shoujo: The August 2007 issue of Cobalt (the magazine in which the Marimite novels are serialized) is reporting that the popular yuri-themed Catholic girls’ school slice of life story will be seeing continued anime adaptation beyond the current “third season” OVAs. The format for this fourth season has yet to be announced, but this is superb news for those of us who suffered through the desert between the second and third seasons, and fans of delicious yuri romance everywhere are now dancing sipping tea quietly in the streets. Gokigenyou! (no more)

Figure News: Utawarerumono’s Kamyu coming from Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya put up a press kit earlier today that was subsequently picked up by Hobby Stock, among others, detailing the October release of a Kamyu PVC figure from Leaf’s bishoujo game / anime Utawarerumono. Original design by Amazuyu Tatsuki, with sculpting duty from Ibuki (that’s one hot [ERO] Tama-nee he has in the works for Wonder Festival!), she’ll retail for 6,090 yen at 1/8 scale (22 cm tall). Pictures below:

[ERO] Figure News: Taki Corporation’s battle-damaged school uniform Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen up for preorder

About a month ago we reported that Taki Corporation would be coming out with an astoundingly sexy though rather expensive Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen. It is with considerable zeal that we now report her availability for preorder at Amiami, though I’m not seeing her available from international distributors yet. She’s due out in August at a robust 25 cm tall (1/7 scale) and is fully castoffable, not that it matters much given the pose… a no-brainer for the Kanu fans if she were a bit less expensive (9,240 yen retail), still a very attractive offering regardless. Pictures below:

Figure News: Orchid Seed presents heat-packing, dress-clad Fumie from Inspire’s Edelweiss

Those who have been following HD for awhile may remember our coverage of Edelweiss, the late ’06 eroge release from maker Inspire. Since its announcement I was particularly taken by the distinctive artistic style of character designer Jinguuji Rio and her protagonist Fumie; I was therefore overjoyed at the news that Orchid Seed would be producing a three dimensional version of her to compliment the 2D cutout that was released at Comiket 70. Orchid’s Fumie is set for November release at 6,800 yen, 21 cm tall (1/7 scale), is sculpted by veteran Ishinaga Sakurako (who deserves a post of adulation in her own right) and will be available for preorder soon. Pictures below: