Via Moeyo: Japanese blog Nijigen Kuukan (二次元空間) has posted a thorough treatise on the bust sizes of virtually the entire female cast of Code Geass. After analyzing screen shots of from as many official sources as possible they come up with the following order: Millay > Marianne > Inoue > Karen > Cornelia > Viletta > Cecil > Chiba > Rakshata > Euphemia > Shirley > C.C. > Sayoko > Nina > Nanalie > Kaguya. I was sure that Cornelia would come out on top, but this is incontrovertible evidence otherwise… Millay has risen in my esteem considerably. In other random Geass ponderings, I finally made it through ep. 23 on the plane back from AX. Does anyone think they’ll be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion in the two remaining episodes? And why did I think for the longest time that a full second season was coming? (no more) Edit: Geass character designer Kimura Takahiro (Wikipedia) presented his own take on comparative bust sizes of a selection of the cast in the June issue of Animage, as shown here. The Nijigen Kuukan post displays these characters first, with the remaining unmentioned characters below. The Nijigen Kuukan list is a hybrid integration of both groups.