The revolution may not be televised, but in this case, it certainly will be blogged. Saturday’s Akihabara Kaihou Demo (Akihabara Liberation Demonstration, previously covered here) appears to have been a remarkable success. Our man Animaestro had this to report from the field:

Today Akihabara had the rare treat of experiencing the first ever Revolutionary Otaku Demonstration. Headed up by representatives of Revolutionary Otakuist Union, Revolutionary Moeist Union, and the Revolutionary Himote Union, a motley of cosplayers and otaku of various stripes marched through Akiba chanting revolutionary slogans and waving banners.

Full photo and video coverage inside.

The three armies of otaku organized this demonstration as a way to raise awareness for the otaku cause. For too long have otaku been treated as second-class citizens, and on this day they took to the streets demanding an end to discrimination and public ridicule. The message that otaku deserve the right to indulge in their hobbies without shame appears to have been broadcast loud and clear.

Akiba Demo 1 Small

Possible Danny Choo sighting?

Akiba Demo 2 Small
Taking it to the streets.

Akiba Demo 3 Small
Looks like there’s at least one gaijin otaku participating.

Akiba Demo 4 Small
Apparently participation exceeded what people were expecting.

Seiya is an anime fan from Boston who may regret missing this event for the rest of his life.