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Bishoujo Goods News: NHK ni Youkoso Nakahara Misaki hug pillow coming from Cospa

2D goods maker Cospa has put up a preorder page for a hug pillow featuring Nakahara Misaki, the heroine of Takimoto Tatsuhiro / Ooiwa Kenji’s dark hikikomori comedy NHK ni Youkoso! (Welcome to the NHK!). Illustration duty has fallen to the anime staff, who seem to have taken some liberties with her design that are not entirely unwelcome… she should be available from the usual suspects soon, and is set to ship in mid-August at 9,450 yen (tax included, pillowcase only). Full picture below:


Heisei Democracy mascot character Demo-tan has been Lucky-Starjacked, courtesy of the Flash and Photoshop-fu of CMWilly over at Clockwork Machina! I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with this visual meme by now, but for the curious here is a link that explains all. Lucky Demo wallpaper available below:

Anime News: Genshiken 2, Doujin Work, Kimikiss, AIKa R-16, To Heart 2 OVA updates

Yesterday brought several site updates for shows we’re keeping an eye on, including a revamped Genshiken official site with basic information on the second season (and the awesome splash image that Hobby Stock scooped earlier), a Doujin Work official site update with info on the release of manga vol. 4, the on air schedule, and shots of the OP and ED theme covers (July 25th release!), and the official Kimikiss game site has been updated with info on the upcoming anime, subtitled “pure rouge”. In other news, the AIKa R-16 official site has been updated with stills from the July 27th release of the OVA’s second volume, and Aquaplus’s To heart 2 OVA has a promo video up at for its second episode, due out on June 27th. (no more)

Friday figure news roundup: Haruhi, Strike Witches, To Heart 2, Ikkitousen, Etc.

Several pieces of figure news from yesterday evening: first up is a gym uniform Haruhi + Nurse Mikuru prize figure set from Sega, due out in December. Next, Gonzo / Organic has opened preorders for their Francesca Luccini mechamusume PVC from the Shimada Fumikane-designed Strike Witches OVA. It’s due out in August. Finally we have a couple of mysterious offerings from Taki (Tachyon) Corporation, both currently display-only but due for sale in August, and both apparently fully cast-off ready: an Ilfa PVC from To Heart 2, and a Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen. The rogues’ gallery is pictured below, along with a few other news items:

Figure News: Wave announces Medic no Onna no Ko PVC from Sekaiju no Meikyuu

Wave has put a page up on their official site today for a Medic no Onna no Ko PVC figure based on the character of the same name from Atlus’s Nintendo DS game Sekaiju no Meikyuu. She’s due out in September at a price of 3,990 yen, and with sculpting duty by Kawanishi Ken of circle Grimrock she’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in PVC for months… I think it’s the Yotsuba-ish vibe that really gets me. Wave’s listing mentions that she’s the first in a series, so DS dungeonwalking aficionados should be set with their figure fix for awhile now. (no more)

Figure News: Max Factory announces the PVCification of Kanon’s Sawatari Makoto

Max Factory updated their official staff blog today with the news that they have begun production work on a PVC figure of Sawatari Makoto, one of the heroines of visual novel Kanon. Fresh on the heels of the announcement of Max’s Tsukimiya Ayu up for preorder for October release, it’s looking like a second (or third, or fourth, or eighth) summer of love ahead for the Kanon fans… (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile collective presents Tsukimiya Ayu, Kasugano Haruna, Intron Depot Space Pirates PVCs, live in October

Goodsmile updated their official site today with listings for Max Factory’s Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon, their own Kasugano Haruna from Boy Meets Girl, and Beagle’s Intron Depot #4 Space Pirates from… Intron Depot #4. We saw the Ayu coming a long way away, but the new Boy Meets Girl and Intron Depot offerings are a surprise… being the shameless cast off fan that I am I’ll be curious to see what Amiami has to show us this evening for the latter. :3 (no more)

Figure News: Haruhi manga vol. 4 limited edition released, complete with Haruhi figure

Via Akiba Blog: The fourth volume of the Kadokawa Shounen Ace-serialized Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu manga was released today in limited edition, complete with a small Haruhi figure produced by Megahouse. Nothing further to report on this, really; the quality looks about as good as you’d expect, not much to get too excited about unless you’re a die hard member of the SOS-dan’s figure division (in which case Haruhi demands that you buy it now). (no more)

Figure News: Alter October lineup sneak preview – Megachu!’s Leukothea

Happinet’s online shop put a listing up yesterday evening for the first known item in Alter’s October PVC figure release lineup: Leukothea, from Front Wing’s 2006 eroge Megachu!. Aside from its retail price of 5,040 yen nothing is known about the figure other than that it will be based on an original design illustration from Kuuchuu Yousai; here’s hoping he takes inspiration less from her boring standing pose and more from the event CG below:

Edit: a photo gallery of the item is now up at Happinet’s product page. Not quite the pose I was hoping for, but it’s certainly decent.

Anime News: Monthly Shounen Jump manga Rosario to Vampire to recieve TV anime adaptation

Via Moon Phase: according to the cover of the latest Monthly Shounen Jump manga serial, Ikeda Akihisa‘s Rosario to Vampire manga is slated to receive TV animefication at some point in the unspecified future. It’s the story of a guy who fails his high school entrance exams, resulting in his being forced to attend a high school of the undead (no, not that one). On his way to school the first day he’s met by a vampire named Moka, who agrees to save him from being killed in exchange for being her personal blood supply. It’s a wacky harem comedy, folks! From what I can divine the best thing about the show will be the aforementioned Moka (drama CD cover image below):

Anime News: bishoujo PS2 dating sim Kimikiss to recieve TV anime adaptation, new Macross TV

Via Moon Phase Blog: the Enterbrain PS2 bishoujo game that rocked the nation with its release last spring is scheduled to receive a TV adaptation, according to this post yesterday on the Moon Phase Blog. Maybe I don’t have to pick up a PS2 after all… In totally unrelated news, a few details have been revealed regarding the new Macross known to be in production since the casting call went out a few months ago. It’s going to be televised, is tentatively entitled “Macross 25”, and all aspects of production will be supervised by Kawamori Shouji. No word on the timetable for either of these, but we’ll be watching… (no more)

Figure Review: Kotobukiya’s Amaha Masane (Witchblade powered up ver.) PVC from Witchblade

I went on a Witchblade figure preordering binge a couple of months ago that in retrospect was perhaps unwarranted, though with each subsequent review I find myself oddly satisfied – as long as the sculptors keep showing their love for Uno Makoto’s superlative designs I’ll be happy to support them. Today’s entry was the biggest preorder risk yet, an expensive 1/6 scale Kotobukiya offering from a sculptor known previously for his work on monsters, not bishoujo figures. How does Masane fare in this first treatment of her “powered up” version? Pretty damn well, I think, but you be the judge…

Figure News: Kotobukiya’s Blanc Neige, Urutori, Estel, Fate available for preorder

Various online shops put up listings today for four new PVC offerings from Kotobukiya, all scheduled for release in September: Blanc Neige from Shining Tears (scooped earlier), Urutori from Utawarerumono, Estel from Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-Iro na, and Fate from Nanoha StrikerS (produced in cooperation with Movic, scooped earlier). Urutori is perhaps my favorite Utawarerumono character (design-wise) but otherwise these don’t do much for me… (no more)

Anime News: Sky Girls TV, Zero no Tsukaima 2, Dokuro 2 updates

Via Moon Phase: Shimada Fumikane fans rejoice! Konami has updated their i-revo Sky Girls page with information on the TV series set to air in July, complete with streaming promotional video. In other anime news, the official Zero no Tsukaima site has been fully converted to represent the show’s second season, including brodacast times, cast and staff info, and a downloadable wallpaper. Finally, news in from the Dokuro-chan blog that the first episode of the second Dokuro OVA will go on sale August 24th. The show’s official site can be found here. (no more)

Figure Review: Wafuudou Ganguten’s Sawatari Izumi PVC from He is My Master

Today’s figure review comes courtesy of Wafuudou Ganguten and veteran sculptor Polygo, who took the trouble of going all the way to China to supervise production of this kit. While he made it back without being unceremoniously eaten by an alligator, did his hard work pay off when a parade of assembled Izumis followed him back to Japanese shores? That is the question!

Event News: Comiket 72 circle notifications coming online

Via Tana‘s blog: doujin watchers everywhere take note! As of yesterday (June 3rd) circles who applied to participate in Comic Market 72 are being notified of the acceptance (or rejection) of their applications. Other doujin artists should be updating their sites with pertinent information soon, so anticipatory list-making can begin! Only 74 days until the event opens, but we’re not counting… yet. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile announces Nendoroid Mikuru, due out in September

Goodsmile posted a listing today for a Nendoroid Asahina Mikuru PVC / ABS figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Like the other figures in their Nendoroid line this one clocks in at 3,000 yen retail, roughly 10 cm tall, and comes complete with several exchangeable parts including a pair of faces, an arm with two fingers extended, and a green “Mikuru beam” attached to the base by a clear plastic rod. The comparison shot with Max Factory’s recently released non-chibified Mikuru makes the Nendoroid look rather awkward, and I’m still thinking Nagato is the best of the bunch so far… (no more)

Magazine Review: Megami 86 vs. Comp H’s 4

With Comp Heroines now established in its bimonthly slot, how does the late-May release of volume four stack up against the monthly competition from veteran poster magazine Megami? Check the list of posters, extras, and other content below for a summary judgement.

Anime News: ef – a tale of memories, Kamen no Maid Guy, Yotsunoha, Koharubiyori official sites open

Via Moon Phase: Geneon’s Rondo Robe division held a blitz of new anime site openings yesterday, with a roundup listed on their official blog. First up is ef – a tale of memories, a TV anime based on minori’s [ERO] ef – a fairytale of the two. Next is TV anime Kamen no Maid Guy, based on the manga by the same name currently serialized in Dragon Age. Perhaps the most surprising is news of a Yotsunoha OVA based on the eponymous Hiquo-soft eroge; finally there‚Äôs a Koharubiyori OVA in the works based on the similarly named Dengeki Daioh manga. Most of these had been announced earlier, but now they’re out in plain sight where they can easily be tracked… I’m only really interested in Kamen no Maid Guy at this point, though. (no more)

Anime News: Genshiken 2, Doujin Work, Ikkitousen OVA stills from Media Factory online at Hobby Stock

Via Moetry: Hobby Stock has posted the results of a trip they took to Media Factory‘s animation HQ, coming away with some great new images from some of the projects they’re currently working on. First up is a superb bit of Genshiken season 2 production art, looking very much like a Kio Shimoku original piece… dokidoki. Next up are several stills from Doujin Work, the first to make it online, and finally a few shots from the ero-ero Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny onsen OVA to be included with the limited edition release of volume 1 of the TV anime (on sale June 22nd). There are some Zero no Tsukaima 2 images up as well, but I believe they’re all the same ones that Famitsu had up in its earlier coverage. I’m still blinded by the magnificent new Ohno artwork, may take a bit to recover… (no more)

Figure Review: Kotobukiya’s Art of Yamashita Shunya Mirei-san PVC (Kanto region color ver.)

Mirei-san is the third Yamashita Shunya-designed original figure to be released in Kotobukiya’s shop-limited Art of Yamashita Shunya series (we reviewed the first, Sela-chan, back in February of 2006). Sculpting duty was handed to in-house Kotobukiya veteran Otsuyama Houjun this time, known for competent craftsmanship if not particularly inspired work in the past; under the guidance of Yamashita’s solid designs he has produced here what may be his best kit yet, but is it good enough to justify the already steep Kotobukiya-limited price and proxy import fees? You decide…

Anime News: Gundam 00 announced, character designs by Kouga Yun

If you’ve been online at all in the past twelve hours you’re no doubt aware that Gundam 00 (“double O”) has been announced as the next televised Gundam anime, slated to air in TBS’s coveted Saturday evening prime time slot starting this October. Other news outlets will be covering this exhaustively over the coming weeks and months, but today I want to bring up an issue near and dear to the hearts of bishoujo fans: the character designs. While the fifteen second clip viewable on the official site shows us more variety and appeal in the male cast than Hirai Hisaishi has produced in his entire career (yeah, I went there), how does 00 designer Kouga Yun (Wikipedia), famous for her bishounen work on Loveless, draw women? The answer can be found in the pages of her mid-90’s manga, Gestalt – cover images below:

Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico 2 official site updated

Via Moon Phase: the official site for Gust / Banpresto’s upcoming PS2 bishoujo RPG Ar Tonelico 2 was updated yesterday with new character, system, and world information, as well as a downloadable wallpaper. Reisha (pictured in the thumbnail) is my favorite of the characters introduced thus far. :3 Eagerly anticipating further updates… (no more)

Site News: Heisei Democracy May 2007 statistics

After April’s rather profound rise in access due to people realizing that we were actually updating again (!!), May was more or less a plateau, punctuated by a mid month Kotakudot. The most popular page after the Ero tab was once again the spotlight on creator Happoubi Jin; with that now replaced we should see some change here come the end of June. While it’s not really news, those interested in more detailed graphs can find them below: