The return of a long lost friend was witnessed in Akihabara last week. HD’s Senior Coffee Correspondent, Seiya, weighs in on this ongoing story.

Tokyo Teleport Station Banner

Courtesy of Moe Yo! news has come down the pipe marking the “renewal” of Evangelion-branded UCC Coffee. Available until September 17th, these new cans feature updated artwork, presumably based on the designs of the new Evangelion movies. A side-by-side comparison of some of the new and old art is available here.

It’s good stuff,
trust me

Perhaps even more exciting is the announcement that UCC coffee is now being sold (from a vending machine no less) in front of the Kotobukiya in the Radio Kaikan building. That’s right! After a curious absence of many years, UCC Coffee is making a glorious return to Akihabara. In celebration of this historic event, a wonderfully creepy Rei Ayanami cosplayer was on hand to pimp coffee and pose alongside her 2D self. To further commemorate the occasion, Gainax and UCC have launched a web site chronicling the proud history that Evangelion and UCC have together, and they appear to be releasing new promotional materials daily.

This event has also given me a renewed hope for the forthcoming Eva movies, not that I was particularly down on them before. After all, what better way to truly capture the spirit of the original Evangelion than with coffee?

Seiya is an anime fan from Boston who is also an avid coffee drinker. He awaits new Evangelion movies with bated breath and shaking hands.