As was discussed in the earlier AX post, we’re trying to scrape a little shindig together to put faces to the various e-names floating around the otaku blogosphere, forums, and elsewhere upon the internets at this year’s Anime Expo. Lacking any better ideas, here’s the plan:

The Time: 8:20 PM, Friday June 29th
The Place: outside Live Planning 3

I figure meeting outside the room after the JAST USA panel is as good a time and place as any, if for no other purpose than to find a better time and meeting place; however if it’s agreeable to those present I figure we might as well go out straightaway from there to a watering hole of nearest convenience and make merry. If anyone has any other ideas I’ll be at the J-List booth all day up to that point, so please do drop by and let me know!

In other anime blogging meetup news, Rachel over at The Anime Blog is planning a get together over pizza on Saturday at 5:15 pm (details in the comments section of the post linked above), so those of the blogging persuasion may want to check that out as well.

I should note that HD updates will be rather sparse over the coming week and a half as in addition to jet lag and any merriment byproducts I’ll be swapping hats so fast at AX and the few days after that the top of my head is anticipating some serious rug burn. I’ll try to hit the highlights of the event in as prompt a fashion as possible, and there should be a much more comprehensive event report in the offing down the road – but for now, it’s off to Narita. Or perhaps I should pack first…

Hope to see you at AX!