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Tokyo Teleport Station: The Triumphant Return of UCC Coffee

The return of a long lost friend was witnessed in Akihabara last week. HD’s Senior Coffee Correspondent, Seiya, weighs in on this ongoing story.

Site News: HD at AX, part deux

As was discussed in the earlier AX post, we’re trying to scrape a little shindig together to put faces to the various e-names floating around the otaku blogosphere, forums, and elsewhere upon the internets at this year’s Anime Expo. Lacking any better ideas, here’s the plan:

Anime News: Otomo Katsuhiro / Nissin Cup Noodle collaboration “Freedom Project” OVA sees English language release

I doubt anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the series of commercials that began airing last year as part of the Otomo Katsuhiro designed, Morita Shuhei directed Freedom Project OVA; for those unaware, though, or for those of us who thought the project began and ended with the commercials, it’s welcome news that the first episode of what is slated to be a six part series went on sale yesterday (June 26th) in hybrid DVD / HD-DVD format. For more info on the series, official Japanese and English pages are available, as well as the blog of Vong yonghow, the single non-Japanese staffer on the project at Sunrise’s studios in Tokyo. Kudos to him for prompting a further investigation! (no more)

[ERO] Game News: G-Collections announces the acquisition of ZyX’s Binetsu Kyoushi Chieri

G-Collections posted a listing over at JAST USA yesterday scooping the development and pending English language release of ZyX’s Binetsu Kyoushi Chieri, under the title Amorous Professor Cherry. Veteran designer Yamane Masahiro (now Sendorikun) returns to the brand for his last hurrah here along with Cresecendo scenario writer Minakami Tomohiro. It’s looking to be a fairly typical school romance between teacher (and teacher, and classmate) and student, though the protagonist seems a bit on the youthful side (HE’S OVER 18); it sounds like we can look for release toward the end of this year or possibly early ’08. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Toys Planning blog scoops their complete O-ji collection series, now in beta

After reviewing the first installment in Toypla’s ero-ero O-ji collection lineup I was under the impression that subsequent figures would be released serially in a similar figure + book format, but after seeing them all simultaneously completed in this blog post it may be that they’re coming out as a trading figure set… the details I’ve been able to uncover thus far are scant, but we’ll be continuing to keep an eye on the project as it develops. Pictures from the Toypla blog post are below, but bear in mind that the figures are still works in progress pending revision for final release: