The scoops were scattered liberally across both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan this month, prompting me to pick up both in an endeavor to comprehensify. The result here is hardly complete, but it does extract what I see as the best new offerings from the August ’08 round of hobby rags: Alter presents a pair of gunslinger girls (not those, however), Kotobukiya and Wafuudou Ganguten show a brace of royalty, and Volks parades pretty things before us that we’ll never get the chance to buy. It’s a festival of anticipation at HDHQ tonight…

Alter's Namae no Nai Onna PVC figure from Nitro+'s Satsuriku no Jango, also El Cazador's Nadie

  • Move over Ignis, Namae no Nai Onna is here! One of the three heroines from Nitro+’s upcoming spaghetti Western eroge Satsuriku no Jango, her lack of a name is not stopping her release from Alter this November. Also due out from Alter in the unspecified future is the gun-toting Nadie pictured at top, from anime El Cazador.

Kotobukiya's Clalaclan PVC figure from Shining Tears

  • Kotobukiya represents with their first figure that I can stand behind with 100% devotion in a long time: the Tony-designed, Kawasumi Ayako-voiced Queen Clalaclan from the recently released PS2 RPG Shining Wind. If they released this sort of material more frequently I’d be even more broke than I am now… we can expect to see her in October, at an as-yet unspecified price point.

Wafuudou Ganguten's Angela PVC from Princess Waltz

  • What better to follow a queen than a princess, as Wafuudou Ganguten so adroitly does with their announcement of French Doll (Cerberus Project)’s rendition of princess Angela, one of the heroines of 2006 hit eroge Princess Waltz. On the heels of Wafuudou’s Iris announcement I had high hopes for Angela to follow, and it looks like they pulled through… we can expect to see her PVC form hit the street in September.

Volks Nanjou Ran and Senhime resin kits from Sengoku Rance

  • Finally, from the This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things / Bitter Hatred of Volks department comes news of two new ero-ero resin kits inspired by Alice Soft’s epic strategy eroge Sengoku Rance. The first is Nanjou Ran of Houjou province, a girl who summons demons quite expertly until she suffers an unfortunate accident in the process, and second is Senhime of Tokugawa province, held prisoner until you free her from the province’s tanuki overlords. Both kits are due out on July 20th and will probably sell out on the day of their release, never to see the light of day again in a form that benefits the original artists. Volks, we need to talk…

Several other scoops of slightly less import were unleashed across the hobby magazineverse today, but we’ll leave them be for now and uncover them as they come to light on the broader internets. Exeunt!