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[ERO] Figure News: Nanao Naru designed, Cerberus Project sculpted original “Halloween Girl” PVC coming from Wafuudou Ganguten

August’s edition of Tech Gian magazine, on sale yesterday, scooped the announcement of Wafuudou Ganguten‘s collaboration with Nanao Naru and Cerberus Project‘s Sunny Day to produce a PVC version of Sunny Day’s Halloween-ko resin kit (based on a Nanao-rendered Tech Gian calendar pinup). The kit is castoffable, and scheduled to go on sale “around Halloween” this year at a retail price of 7,480 yen. Further information and visual evidence in the magazine scan below:

Figure News: Kotobukiya announces Ah! My Goddess Belldandy PVC (Sorezore no Tsubasa ver.)

Much like her voice actress counterpart Inoue Kikuko the heroine of Kosuke Fujishima‘s Ah! My Goddess franchise seems possessed of eternal youth. Not only is the AMG manga still running in Afternoon, her recent TV anime incarnation is obviously still fresh in the minds of the wizards over at Kotobukiya who put an official site up yesterday for this goddess uniform version Belldandy kit, due out in November at 6,090 yen retail. Her face in this sculpt arguably reflects her personality, which is perhaps not a good thing, but Belldandy fans (myself included) will no doubt be happy to see yet another PVC incarnation of one of the most enduring bishoujo heroines in manga history. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Orchid Seed announces gothic lolita Ryofu Housen PVC from Ikkitousen

Orchid Seed put a page up on their official site yesterday announcing the preorder availability of Ikkitousen‘s Ryofu Housen in gosurori PVC form. Knowing Orchid’s recent trend of castoffable figures I was suspicious about the slight frumpiness of her costume, and thanks to her preorder listing at Infinity Wonderland those suspicions were confirmed: looks like she’s thoroughly extractable from the dress. :3 Sculpting duty is being handled by Orchid regular Ishiyama Satoshi, known recently for his work on Masane and Chichinoe+; we can expect to see her as live as a piece of plastic can be in October, at a retail price of 6,800 yen. Ero-ero pictures below: