There is no decent human upon this green earth, green like the top of Yotsuba‘s head, who does not love Azuma Kiyohiko‘s slice of life manga about a little girl, her father, and the tiny universe of wonder that surrounds them. There’s something ineffably refreshing about its simple humor, something that makes it in spirit the closest thing to a Japanese Calvin and Hobbes, and like Calvin and Hobbes’ Bill Watterson Azuma has jealously guarded the rights to production of goods based on the property. Thus it is with incredible glee that I am able to report the announcement on Yotsuba Studio’s official home page today of the production of a Revoltech Yotsuba figure, in conjunction with Kaiyodo and Organic, due out this fall. I daresay the world, or at least many devoted fans, will be happier for it. (no more)