HEISEI DEMOCRACY WORLD TOUR 2007 LIVE AT ANIME EXPO aka. posting from inside a J-List cargo tub (details inside)

It’s official – the crazy people at J-List are just crazy enough to crazily ship me to some crazy anime convention in crazy Long Beach. Crazy!

While HD won’t have an official presence at the event, I’ll be doing duty at the J-List booth in the exhibit hall all four days so there will be a captive audience if you want to stop by and hurl some vulgar invective (or *cough* pick up your copy of Yume Miru Kusuri *cough*. We might sell out!). Also, along with my boss I’ll be hosting a panel devoted to JAST USA and the English eroge industry in general, taking place on Friday the 29th from 7:30-8:20 pm in room LP 3 (LBCC 201), 18+ only. We’ll be taking a look at the industry’s past, present, and future, as well as announcing a couple of new truly blockbuster titles we have in the pipeline; we’ve got free loot to give away as well, so if you’re at all interested the localization of Japan’s (not quite) oldest industry I’d say it’s worth stopping by for a look-see!

Other than these on-the-job pursuits I’m thinking it would be cool to arrange a meet up of like-minded folks for a meal or a drink or some such; other than myself and CMWilly I know Beerman will be there, but my contacts on the left coast are otherwise quite scanty – if you’ll be in the LA area over the AX weekend why not give a holler in comments here and see if we can get some festivities arranged? Also, as this will be my first Expo I’d appreciate any suggestions as to what I should try to attend (or avoid); I’m sure enough of my free time will be spent wandering the event halls in a jetlagged / inebriated / generally zombified state as it is. I’d say “look for the tall balding clueless gaijin” but that might not narrow it down much…