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Anime News: Genshiken 2, Doujin Work, Kimikiss, AIKa R-16, To Heart 2 OVA updates

Yesterday brought several site updates for shows we’re keeping an eye on, including a revamped Genshiken official site with basic information on the second season (and the awesome splash image that Hobby Stock scooped earlier), a Doujin Work official site update with info on the release of manga vol. 4, the on air schedule, and shots of the OP and ED theme covers (July 25th release!), and the official Kimikiss game site has been updated with info on the upcoming anime, subtitled “pure rouge”. In other news, the AIKa R-16 official site has been updated with stills from the July 27th release of the OVA’s second volume, and Aquaplus’s To heart 2 OVA has a promo video up at for its second episode, due out on June 27th. (no more)

Friday figure news roundup: Haruhi, Strike Witches, To Heart 2, Ikkitousen, Etc.

Several pieces of figure news from yesterday evening: first up is a gym uniform Haruhi + Nurse Mikuru prize figure set from Sega, due out in December. Next, Gonzo / Organic has opened preorders for their Francesca Luccini mechamusume PVC from the Shimada Fumikane-designed Strike Witches OVA. It’s due out in August. Finally we have a couple of mysterious offerings from Taki (Tachyon) Corporation, both currently display-only but due for sale in August, and both apparently fully cast-off ready: an Ilfa PVC from To Heart 2, and a Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen. The rogues’ gallery is pictured below, along with a few other news items: