Via Moon Phase: according to the cover of the latest Monthly Shounen Jump manga serial, Ikeda Akihisa‘s Rosario to Vampire manga is slated to receive TV animefication at some point in the unspecified future. It’s the story of a guy who fails his high school entrance exams, resulting in his being forced to attend a high school of the undead (no, not that one). On his way to school the first day he’s met by a vampire named Moka, who agrees to save him from being killed in exchange for being her personal blood supply. It’s a wacky harem comedy, folks! From what I can divine the best thing about the show will be the aforementioned Moka (drama CD cover image below):

Rosario to Vampire drama CD cover image

Otherwise this seems to be a depressingly standard moe harem story with a limp-wristed caricature of a protagonist and no plot to speak of. I hope I’m wrong! The manga has been released through volume 9, so it’s theoretically possible to find out what lies in store.