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Figure News: Max Factory announces the PVCification of Kanon’s Sawatari Makoto

Max Factory updated their official staff blog today with the news that they have begun production work on a PVC figure of Sawatari Makoto, one of the heroines of visual novel Kanon. Fresh on the heels of the announcement of Max’s Tsukimiya Ayu up for preorder for October release, it’s looking like a second (or third, or fourth, or eighth) summer of love ahead for the Kanon fans… (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile collective presents Tsukimiya Ayu, Kasugano Haruna, Intron Depot Space Pirates PVCs, live in October

Goodsmile updated their official site today with listings for Max Factory’s Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon, their own Kasugano Haruna from Boy Meets Girl, and Beagle’s Intron Depot #4 Space Pirates from… Intron Depot #4. We saw the Ayu coming a long way away, but the new Boy Meets Girl and Intron Depot offerings are a surprise… being the shameless cast off fan that I am I’ll be curious to see what Amiami has to show us this evening for the latter. :3 (no more)

Figure News: Haruhi manga vol. 4 limited edition released, complete with Haruhi figure

Via Akiba Blog: The fourth volume of the Kadokawa Shounen Ace-serialized Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu manga was released today in limited edition, complete with a small Haruhi figure produced by Megahouse. Nothing further to report on this, really; the quality looks about as good as you’d expect, not much to get too excited about unless you’re a die hard member of the SOS-dan’s figure division (in which case Haruhi demands that you buy it now). (no more)

Figure News: Alter October lineup sneak preview – Megachu!’s Leukothea

Happinet’s online shop put a listing up yesterday evening for the first known item in Alter’s October PVC figure release lineup: Leukothea, from Front Wing’s 2006 eroge Megachu!. Aside from its retail price of 5,040 yen nothing is known about the figure other than that it will be based on an original design illustration from Kuuchuu Yousai; here’s hoping he takes inspiration less from her boring standing pose and more from the event CG below:

Edit: a photo gallery of the item is now up at Happinet’s product page. Not quite the pose I was hoping for, but it’s certainly decent.

Anime News: Monthly Shounen Jump manga Rosario to Vampire to recieve TV anime adaptation

Via Moon Phase: according to the cover of the latest Monthly Shounen Jump manga serial, Ikeda Akihisa‘s Rosario to Vampire manga is slated to receive TV animefication at some point in the unspecified future. It’s the story of a guy who fails his high school entrance exams, resulting in his being forced to attend a high school of the undead (no, not that one). On his way to school the first day he’s met by a vampire named Moka, who agrees to save him from being killed in exchange for being her personal blood supply. It’s a wacky harem comedy, folks! From what I can divine the best thing about the show will be the aforementioned Moka (drama CD cover image below):