Via Moon Phase: Geneon’s Rondo Robe division held a blitz of new anime site openings yesterday, with a roundup listed on their official blog. First up is ef – a tale of memories, a TV anime based on minori’s [ERO] ef – a fairytale of the two. Next is TV anime Kamen no Maid Guy, based on the manga by the same name currently serialized in Dragon Age. Perhaps the most surprising is news of a Yotsunoha OVA based on the eponymous Hiquo-soft eroge; finally there’s a Koharubiyori OVA in the works based on the similarly named Dengeki Daioh manga. Most of these had been announced earlier, but now they’re out in plain sight where they can easily be tracked… I’m only really interested in Kamen no Maid Guy at this point, though. (no more)