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Anime News: Genshiken 2, Doujin Work, Ikkitousen OVA stills from Media Factory online at Hobby Stock

Via Moetry: Hobby Stock has posted the results of a trip they took to Media Factory‘s animation HQ, coming away with some great new images from some of the projects they’re currently working on. First up is a superb bit of Genshiken season 2 production art, looking very much like a Kio Shimoku original piece… dokidoki. Next up are several stills from Doujin Work, the first to make it online, and finally a few shots from the ero-ero Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny onsen OVA to be included with the limited edition release of volume 1 of the TV anime (on sale June 22nd). There are some Zero no Tsukaima 2 images up as well, but I believe they’re all the same ones that Famitsu had up in its earlier coverage. I’m still blinded by the magnificent new Ohno artwork, may take a bit to recover… (no more)

Figure Review: Kotobukiya’s Art of Yamashita Shunya Mirei-san PVC (Kanto region color ver.)

Mirei-san is the third Yamashita Shunya-designed original figure to be released in Kotobukiya’s shop-limited Art of Yamashita Shunya series (we reviewed the first, Sela-chan, back in February of 2006). Sculpting duty was handed to in-house Kotobukiya veteran Otsuyama Houjun this time, known for competent craftsmanship if not particularly inspired work in the past; under the guidance of Yamashita’s solid designs he has produced here what may be his best kit yet, but is it good enough to justify the already steep Kotobukiya-limited price and proxy import fees? You decide…

Anime News: Gundam 00 announced, character designs by Kouga Yun

If you’ve been online at all in the past twelve hours you’re no doubt aware that Gundam 00 (“double O”) has been announced as the next televised Gundam anime, slated to air in TBS’s coveted Saturday evening prime time slot starting this October. Other news outlets will be covering this exhaustively over the coming weeks and months, but today I want to bring up an issue near and dear to the hearts of bishoujo fans: the character designs. While the fifteen second clip viewable on the official site shows us more variety and appeal in the male cast than Hirai Hisaishi has produced in his entire career (yeah, I went there), how does 00 designer Kouga Yun (Wikipedia), famous for her bishounen work on Loveless, draw women? The answer can be found in the pages of her mid-90’s manga, Gestalt – cover images below: