Via Midareuchi: Cafe Reo has posted a listing for a 1/8 scale school swimsuit Mikan PVC from Manabi Straight, due out in mid-August. It’s based on an original garage kit by Mashita Mana of PlasticArts subdivision HolySprout, who made their debut at Winter Wonder Festival 2007 with a very nice spread; information on the sculptor herself (?) is scarce, though this page reports that she was behind one of the pair of Toysworks Manabi figures that Shipon reviewed recently, as well as an Otogi Juushi Akazukin voice statue from last December. This looks like a great figure for the Mikan fans, regardless; it’s nice to see the Manabi lineup slowly increasing. Edit: for those interested there’s an English page for the original kit up at PlasticArts. (no more)