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Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico 2 official site updated

Via Moon Phase: the official site for Gust / Banpresto’s upcoming PS2 bishoujo RPG Ar Tonelico 2 was updated yesterday with new character, system, and world information, as well as a downloadable wallpaper. Reisha (pictured in the thumbnail) is my favorite of the characters introduced thus far. :3 Eagerly anticipating further updates… (no more)

Site News: Heisei Democracy May 2007 statistics

After April’s rather profound rise in access due to people realizing that we were actually updating again (!!), May was more or less a plateau, punctuated by a mid month Kotakudot. The most popular page after the Ero tab was once again the spotlight on creator Happoubi Jin; with that now replaced we should see some change here come the end of June. While it’s not really news, those interested in more detailed graphs can find them below:

Figure News: Sol International presents Ciel and Shion PVCs from Melty Blood

Various hobby sites put preorder listings up yesterday for a pair of Ciel and Shion PVC figures from Melty Blood. Both are in production by Sol International and set for release in August (Ciel) and September (Shion); sculpting duty handled by Inada Masaki of circle Heavy Gauge. ‘Tis the age of doujin fighters indeed… (no more)

Figure News: Manabi Straight Mikan PVC announced from Cafe Reo

Via Midareuchi: Cafe Reo has posted a listing for a 1/8 scale school swimsuit Mikan PVC from Manabi Straight, due out in mid-August. It’s based on an original garage kit by Mashita Mana of PlasticArts subdivision HolySprout, who made their debut at Winter Wonder Festival 2007 with a very nice spread; information on the sculptor herself (?) is scarce, though this page reports that she was behind one of the pair of Toysworks Manabi figures that Shipon reviewed recently, as well as an Otogi Juushi Akazukin voice statue from last December. This looks like a great figure for the Mikan fans, regardless; it’s nice to see the Manabi lineup slowly increasing. Edit: for those interested there’s an English page for the original kit up at PlasticArts. (no more)

Bishoujo Game News: mainstream bishoujo gamesplosiontacular

Holy crap. You sleep for six hours and your tiny universe changes… I’ll just reel off the list of updates here that you’re likely to see covered in much greater depth elsewhere: a playable trial version of Key’s (non-ero) Little Busters is now available for download, Leaf’s [ERO] To Heart 2 Another Days site is now officially open, the official site for the cinematic adaptation of Nasu Kinoko‘s (non-ero) Kara no Kyoukai has been updated with a promotional video (Internet Explorer necessary to view), the School Days TV anime site is now officially open, and a splash page is up for 0verflow’s next [ERO] release, TearMail. Highbrow visual novel aesthetes everywhere must be swirling their brandy snifters furiously right about now… (no more)