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[ERO] Game News: G.J? teases at their next title

Eroge maker and Sano Toshihide front brand G.J? updated their official site yesterday with a collage of teaser images and a few shreds of information on their newest upcoming title (as yet unnamed). While almost nothing has yet been revealed there’s a somewhat cryptic statement to the effect that players will be able to participate in the development of the game, and that it will have “120% the ero-quality” of previous titles. Given that G.J? releases tend to alternate between story-based AVGs and straightforward sexfests, with their most recent game in mind it’s likely that we’re in for the latter this time around. The game’s official site is slated to go live next week; we’ll keep you posted. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Max Factory Pachira scheduled for reissue, Shingyouji Mao details up at Goodsmile

Goodsmile has updated their products page today with official details on the earlier scooped Sofmap Boy Meets Girl Shingyouji Mao PVC, due out in August, along with news that Max Factory’s POLO System Majipoka Pachira PVC (HD Review) will be reissued in November. Those who missed her the first time around, take note! Preorders should be starting for both of these any minute now… (no more)

Figure News: Alter’s maid Saber, Sofmap’s Shingyouji Mao up for preorder, Alter official website renewal

Both of these figures were scooped here recently, and are now beginning to make their way online. Alter’s Kuramoto Ikuma (Millimeter Modeling) sculpted Saber (maid ver.) PVC from Fate / stay night is now available at Rakuten Happinet and Amazon, and two versions of Sofmap’s [ERO] Shingyouji Mao kit from Boy Meets Girl are up at, predictably, Sofmap (regular and Sofmap limited editions). Saber is due out in late September and Mao is slated for August; there are currently no details on what sets the Sofmap limited version apart from the regular Mao kit, but we’ll keep you posted. In other news, Alter has updated their official website, which now contains listings for both maid Saber and the Yurie-sama diorama from Kamichu! that they’re producing in collaboration with Happinet. Looks like they’re getting their promotional strategy slowly straightened out… (no more)

Midweek Hobby Roundup

Several quick notes from the hobby world tonight, including the completion of the base sculpture for Alter’s Trigger Heart Exelica figure, a gallery of two hot Cyborg 009-1 PVCs, further details on Crimson Grave Mirim and associated tentacles, a PVC preview of Daiki Kougyou’s DEKA Tama-nee, and a beer-drinking towel-draped original polystone from Toys Planning.

Figure News: Wave presents their 20th anniversary soft-chested Mikuru PVC, extended Haruhi lineup

Wave put up an official page today for the release of their 20th anniversary commemorative Asahina Mikuru PVC from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Like the recently released plainclothes Witchblade Masane figure from Alter this Mikuru comes equipped with a “soft material” chest part for enhanced tactile pleasure; personally I think they did it purely as an excuse to create this anigif; details and picture gallery follow:

Figure News: Alter breaks away from the Goodsmile / Max Factory collective

According to a post today on the official Goodsmile info page, as of this month (May 2007) release information on new Alter products will no longer be appearing on the Goodsmile website. Their recently announced Shinku PVC, due out in August, is noted as the last figure scheduled to be introduced on the site; release announcements for all subsequent figures will be handled by Alter exclusively (though Goodsmile will continue to handle inquiries regarding earlier announced and previously released figures until the end of September).

Whether this has any direct relation to the GA Graphics fumble from earlier in the day is unclear; I’d guess there’s some connection, though probably just one of crossed wires as control of the company’s press releases and marketing strategy changes hands. I wish Alter all the best as they sail into the uncharted waters of independent operation, and hope the transition goes smoothly for all concerned. (no more)

Figure News: GA Graphic scoops Alter’s September PVC figure lineup

Just in from GA Graphic is the news that this coming September will see the release of three new bishoujo PVC figures from Alter: Kaminagi Ryouko from Zegapain, Aegis from Persona 3, and last but not least, a PVC rendition of Kuramoto Ikuma‘s impressive Saber (maid ver.) garage kit from Fate / stay night. A fine spread to look forward to come this fall, especially the Saber, whom I was lusting after just three days ago… Edit: it seems GA Graphic removed the pages they had up earlier today, perhaps following a slap on the wrist from Alter’s marketing department. The only proof I have that they were up is this single Saber image, alas. (image below)

HD Golden Week event coverage roundup

HD ended Golden Week with all personnel accounted for, wallets battered but largely intact. We had an unprecedented footprint at various events throughout the week, including the M3 doujin music and multimedia market, Comic1 all-genre doujinshi convention (with video!), Dream Party eroge expo and World Hobby Festival garage kit sales event. If you missed any of the above coverage do not despair, the magic of the internets will allow you to view the above-linked posts even now!

In other news, updates may be a bit sparse for the next week as we’re all back to our regular work schedules (and I’ve got a doujin event next weekend, and books don’t draw themselves…). We’ll try to stay on the ball should anything unexpectedly awesome come out of the woodwork, of course. :3 (no more)

Event Report: Spring M3 2007

KOF 2000 embarked solo upon a thoroughly wallet-emptying M3 adventure last weekend in pursuit of nearly unhealthy quantities of doujin music CDs. Confusion, merriment, claustrophobic pathways, and gaijin representation ensue. Read all about his inexperienced experiences, a first-timer’s opinion of the event, general commentary, and more!

HDTV Episode 02: the Comic1 experience

In between hunting down doujinshi and documenting the avian wildlife of the Tokyo subway system Shipon unleashed his camera fu at the first ever Comic1 last Monday, April 30th. He brings us a rare look inside the halls of doujindom tonight in our second installment of HDTV: a man, a camera, and the burning spirit it takes to spend a day blurring out faces.

Event Report: Comic1 doujinshi convention

Shipon spent a pre-Golden Week 5 days in Tokyo, taking in the sights, collecting photos and content for HD and, oh yeah, getting along to April 30th’s Comic1 – the touted replacement for the now-defunct Comic Revolution convention. Tales of recognition, doujin and a mysterious loss of cash ensue. Also, pigeons!

Event Report: World Hobby Festival Ariake 16

The 16th incarnation of World Hobby Festival in its Ariake location occurred yesterday, May 5th 2007. HD was there to take in the event for the first time, and came away quite satisfied by what turned out to be essentially a miniaturized version of Wonder Festival. Despite occupying only one of the Big Sight‘s voluminous West halls the event still had a lot to offer garage kit and figure enthusiasts – more than enough to break one man’s wallet and fill his camera’s memory with tasty photos. Read on for the low-down on WHF, and more pictures than you can shake a reasonably large stick at. Warning: while this post isn’t tagged as ero, it does contain some adult content.

Pure Love Renaissance: Sunday on Chuo-Dori

On Sundays and holidays, Tokyo’s capital for all things anime, computers, electronics and anything otaku closes it’s main street. Chuo-Dori comes alive with singers, cosplayers and sightseers. It’s a time for hanging out with friends, checking out upcoming talent and blatant consumerism. Shipon spent a day documenting the scene, then another 5 days blurring out people’s faces.

Shingo Note: Back from World Hobby Festival Ariake 16, report coming soon

I made my way to the Big Sight today in pursuit of the garage kit and figure action I missed at Wonder Festival Winter 2007. I found it there in spades, spades so large that they can’t be processed in one evening; to tide us over until we can get the full review cobbled together here are a few highlights from today’s event:

Lucky Star Invades Akiba Stores

AkibaBlog posted a story complete with photographic evidence of the invasion of Lucky Star into stores. Not in the way you might think – it seems that everybody from second hand DVD dealers to figure shops to doujin shops to 2nd hand computer stores have been using Lucky Star characters in their signage, and this a development only as recent as the beginning of the broadcast of the Kyoto Animation series. See the original AkibaBlog post for pictures. (no more)

Figure Review: Alter’s Amaha Masane (plainclothes ver.) PVC from Witchblade

The first in a trio of Witchblade figures to be released over the past week, how does Alter’s plainclothes version of Masane – complete with patented Flexible Chest Technology – compare to her peers? Inquiring minds want to know…

Event Report: Dream Party Tokyo Spring 2007

If you build it they will come, someone once said, though I believe he was referring to a baseball field and not an eroge expo. People attended Dream Party Tokyo Spring 2007 yesterday regardless, and one of them was me. It was my first time at the event, so I didn’t know quite what to expect; I was both underwhelmed and pleasantly surprised, but to find out why I’m afraid you’ll have to continue reading. There are pictures of crusty policemen!

Figure News: Goodsmile / Max Factory on display at Dream Party Tokyo Spring 2007

I took a trip down to the Big Sight today to experience my first Dream Party, and the Goodsmile / Max Factory figure collective was there. They weren’t selling anything, but they had several items on display – nothing particularly earth-shattering, but several confirmations and release windows for figures they’ve been dropping hints about recently. The bulk of their September and October 2007 lineup follows, gorgeously illustrated with poorly lit photographs:

Close encounters of the hug pillow kind, April post ranking, Golden Week event coverage, and other site news

HD exploded back to life in the month of April, a flurry of activity that resulted in all sorts of zaniness including two links from Kotaku and one just yesterday from the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute (your one stop source for all the hug pillow news that’s fit to print). In the shamless theft of an Akiba Blog tradition we take a look today at the site stats from the past month, present a ranking of the most popular posts and look ahead at what you can expect to see at HD in the near future. There’s nothing like making news out of newsmaking!

[ERO] Figure News: Hobby Stock naked apron Choko PVC from Chokkoto Sister up for preorder

Word in today from Hobby Stock that they’ll be producing a Choko PVC figure based on the eponymous lead character of manga and anime Chokotto Sister, due out in August. This will be the seventh item in Hobby Stock’s self-produced lineup, and at 1/8 scale (16 cm) with sculpting duty by Obata Takahiro the 4,500 yen price point seems quite reasonable. No official word on whether the apron will be cast-offable, but a clear version is mentioned to in the works as well so it’s likely they’ll go to the trouble of painting what’s underneath… (no more)

Event Report: “Maritan to Hanasou!” Book Signing

In the midst of my trip to Tokyo last weekend, my keitai rings. It’s Shingo. “Hello? What’s up? We still meeting today?” I ask. “Maritan to Hanasou signing event at K-Books in Akiba. Starts at 11. I can’t get in in time. Can you make it?” comes the distorted voice (his phone ain’t so good) of HDs Editor-In-Chief. “Hell’s yeah,” I reply, looking at the nearest subway clock. “I can be there in 10 minutes,” I say. The next train is coming in 5 minutes and I have to travel one stop then change from subway to JR Line.

[ERO] Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Chichinoe + (plus) Cover Girl PVC

Orchid Seed represented last week with their latest assay in the PVC craft, this extremely (nay voluptuously) endowed kit based on the cover illustration of Inoue Takuya’s Chichinoe+ artbook. How does this offering stack up against other recently released figures? Let’s just say I’m more than happy to return to the warm, fluffy pillows of large chested fandom after a brief flirtation with the other side

[ERO] Game News: Xuse’s Seinarukana demo movie available for download

Slated for release on June 29th, Xuse’s Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 – is shaping up to be the premiere ero RPG title of 2007 (pending further information on Alice Soft‘s end of the year offering), and the demo movie online today only serves to reinforce this impression. Stunning visuals and a theme song that are nothing short of epic in scope, panoramic 3D landscapes spanning multiple worlds, a huge cast of characters, a 2D battle system that certainly looks cool – the only thing that could tank this now would be some rotten writing, and the folks at Erogamescape seem to like its predecessor well enough that I doubt there’s much worry in that department. Seriously thinking about picking this up… (shamelessly stolen epic image below)