So I’m chilling in #naisho on one night (unofficial chat hangout of HD) and someone links to Amiami’s listing for Toysworks Manami & Mikan PVC. After scoping it and considering it, I’m ordered up and waiting for Sagawa to courier it to the door of my hovel.

Available in two different color combinations (white swimsuit or navy blue swimsuit) with removable skirts, I opted for the white model (I intend to keep the skirts on and white pantsu are MUCH cuter ^_^;). The painting is top notch, with the blush along the knees and around the edges of clothing just as in 2D illustrations. The only thing I would complain about is the slight visibility of seams along the socks and shoes. A nice model, very cute and as these photos will attest – apologies in advance for slight focus issues. A dedicated macro lens is on the wishlist.

review1w.jpg review2w.jpg review3w.jpg review4w.jpg