Today we report on a batch of newly announced games somewhat more mundane than yesterday’s offering, including new titles from Hadashi Shoujo (princesstastic!), Akatsuki (occult dramatic conspiracy action!), Geesen 18 (epic fantasy RPG!), Hamuhamu Soft (little sisters and school swimsuits!), Teatime (moe moe polygons!), Tryset (wives doing yoga!), Makura (I don’t really know!), and Karen-soft (bondage miko!). Ok, that last one is probably a bit out of place…

Hadashi Shoujo's Shiawase na Ohime-sama

Shiawase na Ohime-sama from Hadashi Shoujo

  • Hadashi Shoujo has finalized details on their upcoming princess-themed title, Shiawase na Ohime-sama ~Engage wa Kozukuri no Tame ni~. The newly-minted official site sports nothing more than a splash image at this point (and knowing the glacial speed of their updates that’s not likely to change any time soon), but details on the design team are enough to fuel speculation for months to come: character work will be handled by the power trio of Kei Jiei of Momocan Egoism, Asahi of Fullmetal Madness, and Kei. (Erogamescape page). No word on the scriptwriter as of yet, but the genre (“making princesses happy ADV/SLG”) points at some interesting possibilities; I’ll be watching this very closely indeed.

Akatsuki's Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo

Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo from Akatsuki

  • New brand Akatsuki works has opened their official site with a splash page up for their first game in production, Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo. The scenario is by novelist and rookie scriptwriter Mikazuki Kougetsu (Erogamescape), with illustration duty by refeia (Erogamescape), another newcomer to the eroge scene. How this will turn out is anyone’s guess, though it looks pretty darn cool from the few sample CG available; I’ll be following this at least until a plot summary appears beyond the “occult dramatic conspiracy action” that’s been revealed thus far.
  • Geesen 18, the game company that made a splash (pun very much intended) with the announcement of their fishing sim / eroge combination Chou Kanojo just last month, represents this month with the unveiling of their next game: an epic RPG entitled Shihen 69 ~Shinen no Messiah~ (Psalm 69 ~Messiah of the Abyss~). I find this development both fascinating and hilarious, hilarious as it’s normally a genre not attempted by gimmicky b-rank brands; fascinating as the lead character designer Washimiya Hikaru appears to be Chinese (Erogamescape). Other design duty is being handled by Umekichi (Erogamescape) and newcomer Sakitou, with scenario work by four writers with varying but generally favorable credentials. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see whether the resulting Frankenstein’s monster has any merit or not.
  • Hamuhamu (Hamham?) Soft has a page up for their maiden release, Imouto + Sukumizu (provisional title). I hope they leave the title unchanged, it’s refreshingly straight forward – school swimsuits and little sisters, what else could a fellow want in a (presumed) summertime romantic comedy? We know virtually nothing about the game at this point other than that the protagonist has a fetish for swimsuit-clad girls, his little sister is named Moe, and one day she walks into his room and offers to change into her swimsuit for him. And that’s really all we have to know, isn’t it?
  • 3D eroge brand Teatime announces Love Desu 2, complete with downloadable benchmark trial version. It’s surprisingly full-featured for a benchmark, letting you converse, walk around, execute some in-game actions, and see one of the heroines in her underwear. I’m looking forward to see how development proceeds on this – from the demo it’s seeming like it could be a significant evolutionary step forward for 3D eroge.

Tryset's Yogatte! Oku-sama

Yogatte! Oku-sama from Tryset

  • Tryset has announced their newest title to be Yogatte! Oku-sama ~Yokkyuu Fuman na Mucchiri Tsumatachi~ (Go Yoga! Wife ~Frustrated Plump Housewives~). Fans of Tryset’s hallmark Amano Mitsurugi designs should be happy to see this, though aside from the rather novel gimmick the title implies the game is unlikely to have any other particularly redeeming features.
  • Fans of Makura Soft’s beautiful art and crappy (according to Erogamescape) writing will be happy to see that they’ve announced their next “novel adventure” game, Root After and Another, for release in September. The bad news is that Sakura no Uta still appears to be completely on ice; I have no idea what I’m talking about and have no real interest in these games so I guess I should stop using Erogamescape to make it sound like I actually have opinions on these things (or even know what they are). Moving on…
  • New brand Karen-soft opened its doors last week with the announcement of their first title in production, Miko Shibari. If you think you’re having deja vu when you look at their site you’re not alone – this brand is a copycat of both Kichikuyarou and Hina Soft. Karen-soft and Kichikuyarou are both noted as being powered by “Master Up”, though the root domain appears vacant… AHA! The heart of the many-tentacled beast is revealed. Their new miko game doesn’t look too bad (art from Enomoto Hiroaki), though 3,000 yen a title isn’t quite the same impulse buy that Lilith’s 2,100 is. We’ll be keeping an eye on this.

That’s a wrap for recently announced titles (with any significant web presence as of yet, that I have arbitrarily chosen from among the zillions of new games out there, disclaimer disclaimer etc. etc.). Our next eroge update will be coming either tonight or tomorrow, with a roundup of the new games on sale tomorrow (May 25th) and some other miscellaneous news that didn’t make it into this post. Otanoshimi ni~