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Figure News: Goodsmile announces Samurai Spirits Nakoruru PVC

Goodsmile put up a page today for a 1/6 scale, 20 cm tall Nakoruru PVC figure from maker Art Storm. She’s sculpted by G.O of circle Cerberus Project (original kit here) and is scheduled for release in September; it’s looking like a fine kit to me except for the eyes, which threaten to engulf the unwary in twin spiky-eyelashed black holes of hugeness. I wonder who would win in a knife fight, her or Asakura(no more)

[ERO] Game News: new games roundup, dark side edition

In addition to the recently announced Mahou Shoujo Ai 3, news from Tech Gian and other sources over the past few days has revealed several other titles sure to engage the prurient interest of fans of darker material. Read on for the latest scoop on new offerings from TinkerBell, Dual Mage, Anim, Black Package Try, and Guilty, as well as a quick list of other activity from the murkier depths of erogamedom. Note: it’s probably not a good idea to browse this one at work.

[ERO] Game News: Fate / stay night, Saber displaced in Tech Gian popularity rankings

Tech Gian is the most widely circulated eroge magazine in Japan, and while its monthly popularity rankings are hardly a definitive measurement of product stature in the overall marketplace they can serve as a rough weather vane to determine sentiment among Japanese fans. From the past couple months of rankings it seems clear that times, they are a changing; the unshakable hold that Type-Moon’s Fate / stay night has had on the #1 position on the “most recommended games” chart has been broken, and as of the July ’07 issue just released, Saber has lost her throne as the most popular heroine. To what? None other than Sengoku Rance and Uesugi Kenshin respectively. While I’m personally happy with this development for a couple of reasons (I’ve actually played the latter title, for one), I think it’s more indicative of the aging of the Fate franchise than the inherent superiority of Rance. Type Moon should see this as a signal to get off their collective ass and make a new game, and Alice Soft should see this as a signal to… make Rance 8 as soon as possible. :3 Pictures of this month’s rankings (and bonus 2006 second half best game voting results) below: