And that title is Anata no Shiranai Kangofu ~Seiteki Byoutou 24-Ji~ (the nurses you don’t know ~midnight sexual ward~). Looks like we’re in for a standard hospital game; not a genre that particularly excites me, but the amazing quality of Sano Toshihide‘s designs never fails to work its magic (lots of sample CG teasers on the index page, official CG page here). With a scenario by Koko it seems we can’t expect anything special from the story, but playing G.J? games for the story is like reading Higurashi novels for the art. :3

In related news, G.J? is running a promotional gimmick for the game until May 28th where you fill out responses to a survey regarding how you’d like to be treated in their fictional hospital, and you have the chance of becoming one of its patients when the game comes out this summer. I wonder if they take gaijin… (no more)