Dubbed Yaminabe Party, the first ever yandere only doujin sales convention occured on March 21st of this year. It apparently met with success, as the official site has already announced the second iteration of the event which will occur on November 11th, 2007 in Asakusa, Tokyo. More interesting than the event itself is the premise behind it, as those of us watching the moe scene have been wondering for awhile what would follow tsundere boom. The answer increasingly appears to be, in part at least, yandere:

For those not hip to the latest moetic jargon (as I wasn’t until a few weeks ago), yandere is like tsundere only instead of alternating between lovey-dovey and callous, the heroine switches between intense affection and INSANE HOMICIDAL RAGE. This can be directed toward the protagonist (should he spurn her) and/or her rivals (should they get in the way); examples include Katsura Kotonoha from School Days and Fuyou Kaede from Shuffle!.

If the stars align correctly (probably meaning another event in the same building that I’d be attending anyway) I may stop by Yaminabe Party 2 this fall… I do hope they check cleavers at the door. (no more)