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Mid-May Eroge Newswire

A compendious eroge news update today, featuring details on a bunch of new games that have been announced over the past few weeks and updates of some others we’ve been following for awhile now. We’ve got a site renewal for Ole’s Oppai Baka for starters (the source of tonight’s thumbnail), news on the next title in Lilith’s release docket, a new trapfest from Cage, more bouncing from H+, an update on Hadashi Shoujo’s upcoming princess-o-rama spectacular, this week’s release lineup from, the transfer of Mahou Shoujo Ai’s intellectual property rights, and news on new upcoming projects from Westvision, Black Rainbow, Noesis, and Frill. That’s a lot of eroge news all right!

Book News: Queen’s Blade Nix and Merfa get street dates, teaser images

The two latest entries in Hobby Japan’s line of Queen’s Blade fighting game books based on Flying Buffalo’s Lost Worlds game mechanic were given a street date of June 29th yesterday, and today Hobby Channel represents with the first teaser images from their gorgeously illustrated inner pages. While recent doujin events have been all Cattleya all the time, I’m guessing Nix is going to be the new hot item gracing doujin covers in late summer and early fall. I tried drawing her myself and it’s not exactly easy, but I know there are plenty of Kuroki Masahiro fans out there ready and willing to carry the torch… (no more)

Figure News: Konami’s Gurren Lagann Yoko PVC in color (HD exclusive?)

HD has just obtained what we believe to be the first ever photograph of the first ever Gurren Lagann Yoko PVC figure to be announced for production, coming from Konami in September. While the pose is basic it looks like a very nice sculpt indeed, and I’m thinking my preorder gamble was well worth it… good luck to all planning to pursue this kit, as she’s virtually guaranteed to be a hot item. Picture below:

Figure News: Gurren Lagann Yoko “statue” coming from Konami in September

Japanese online shop Amiami put a listing up last night for a 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) Yoko figure with removable rifle due out from Konami on September 27th. It’s being called a “statue” at this point and there’s no mention of PVC in the listing, but I assume it will be PVC; that price point (5,775 yen retail) is too low for all but the most shoddily painted cold casts. I put in a preorder despite the lack of visual evidence or sculptor information; while it may very well end up being a lumpy misshapen paperweight like Konami’s ventures into the forbidden terrain of Rumble Roses figuredom at least it will be a historical one, and if the sculpt turns out to be remotely good I can guarantee that it’s only the preorders that will have a chance in hell of paying retail for this. Yoko fans with loose wallets should look to snipe her when she shows up elsewhere soon. (no more)