News in today that JAST USA affiliate brand G-Collections has announced the acquisition of two new titles from the CD Bros. back catalog: D.O.’s Yukizakura and ZyX’s Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy (referred to in earlier HD coverage as Kaminari no Senshi Raidi). The former is a “moderately happy girls in snow” renai story from the pen of Kitagawa Samui (Erogamescape, Wikipedia), while the latter is G-Collections’ first foray into the RPG world. Baby steps… They’re being released as Snow Sakura and Lightning Warrior Raidy respectively, and they’re expected to hit the e-shelves within the year.

In related news, some kook has started an official JAST USA bishoujo game industry blog to talk, apparently, about the English bishoujo game industry (there is such a thing?). Madness, I tell you… if there’s something you’d like to see in such a blog, feel free to comment over yonder. (no more)