Shipon represents today with the third installment of HDTV, in which he acquires some of the most curious items to come out of Japan’s moe boom: audio gashapon “soundrops”, prerecorded audio clips of moe stereotypes, anime characters, and other things in handy portable form, ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. I’m not sure whether these are a force for good or purest evil, but form your own opinion – view on:

Next time: HD goes to Akiba! Otanoshimi ni~

Shipon would have filmed the aftermath of his soundrop orgy, but YouTube wouldn’t agree to host it. He is currently working through the Manabi Straight PS2 game and reports that spring has finally come to northern Japan; he also reports that recent high school graduates may not be worth the trouble and has restricted requests for comment to Horie Yui – unless you really, really want to mail him.

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