Several quick notes from the hobby world tonight, including the completion of the base sculpture for Alter’s Trigger Heart Exelica figure, a gallery of two hot Cyborg 009-1 PVCs, further details on Crimson Grave Mirim and associated tentacles, a PVC preview of Daiki Kougyou’s DEKA Tama-nee, and a beer-drinking towel-draped original polystone from Toys Planning.

  • GA Graphic has uploaded a gallery of two completed Happinet Cyborg 009-1 figures (003 Francoise Arnelle and 009-1 Milene Hoffman), they’re due out “this fall”
  • Word from Fujimi Shobo via Akiba Blog today that the mail-order edition of their Crimson Grave Mirim figure (order form available in the June 20th release of Dragon Age Pure vol. 5) will come with a booklet of production art from the Crimson Grave manga
  • While we’re on the Crimson Grave Mirim figure, Be-J has put up a preorder page for various PVC tentacle monsters to go with it; they’re due out in July
  • Moeyo has a review up of a PVC sample of Daiki Kougyou’s HUEG Tama-nee PVC from To Heart 2, and it’s looking better than the resin version

I could use a cold one of those right about now…