Just in from GA Graphic is the news that this coming September will see the release of three new bishoujo PVC figures from Alter: Kaminagi Ryouko from Zegapain, Aegis from Persona 3, and last but not least, a PVC rendition of Kuramoto Ikuma‘s impressive Saber (maid ver.) garage kit from Fate / stay night. A fine spread to look forward to come this fall, especially the Saber, whom I was lusting after just three days ago… Edit: it seems GA Graphic removed the pages they had up earlier today, perhaps following a slap on the wrist from Alter’s marketing department. The only proof I have that they were up is this single Saber image, alas. (image below)


Damn your irresolute scoopage, GA Graphic! Note the watermark in the lower right corner – you can run, but you can’t hide! >:O