Shipon spent a pre-Golden Week 5 days in Tokyo, taking in the sights, collecting photos and content for HD and, oh yeah, getting along to April 30th’s Comic1 – the touted replacement for the now-defunct Comic Revolution convention. Tales of recognition, doujin and a mysterious loss of cash ensue. Also, pigeons!

After spending a decent night in a hotel (as opposed to my previous efforts of drinking heavily then getting on a train to Big Sight or roughing it in an internet cafe, I got out to the Big Sight early for April 30th’s Comic1.

Seriously, who gets
up this early?!

Surprisingly, the line was much shorter than I was expecting. As Comic1 was only taking place in the West halls of Big Sight (where the industry booths usually are at Comiket) the line was forming on the terrace area where Cosplayers usually show off their efforts. After getting a seat, making small talk with the guys next to me (who turned out to be down for the day from further north than I was!) I hit the Family Mart where a line rivaling that for the fate/stay PS2 release had formed. I returned to my spot in line with (this was how unprepared the conbini was for the onslaught) two soft boiled eggs and a diet coke. Then I perused my catalogue, knocked out a few days in Comic Party Revolution on the PSP until I got a message from Animaestro and met up with him.

The line began to move and with catalogues held aloft so the staff could see the herd was moving in. As we entered the hall, despite the requests from the staff to walk, people broke into a bolt to get to the edge circles. For those of you unfamiliar, those circles who’s work is really popular get tables around the edges of the hall, which allow them to queue rabid customers outside of the main building, thus keeping the aisles clear.

I was hunting for some Manabi Straight doujin and to catch up on the animated offerings from Kandenchui. Afterwards I wandered around checking out some of the other circles. Comic1 is a single-day all-genre doujinshi event, and circles are grouped in their genres and parodied series so it’s possible to be hunting for a specific Kanon doujin and end up also inspecting similar offerings from the neighbouring circles.

Later I met up again with Animaestro for lunch and then another stroll around the tables. Then a traditional post-convention return to Akiba and a bullet train home. My impressions of Comic1 were good, and if they can continue it makes a nice filler between Summer and Winter Comiket. The downside is that it comes in between a large number of similar events such as Sunshine Creators a week before, Comitia a week after and so on. As a result, there weren’t that many doujin made specifically for release at Comic1 and most of the ones I saw were either Winter Comiket or Sunshine Creation issues. Which was okay for me as I was unable to attend either of those events.


In the future, hopefully Comic1 will grow as it becomes more established. And now, as seen live from deep in the bowels of Tokyo Station, HD was there to scoop EVERYBODY!

Check out HDTV for some exclusive video of the Comic1 experience