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In an ideal world creators would produce their work in such volume that everyone who wanted a copy could obtain one at a fair price, the proceeds then returning to the artist to support his or her future endeavors. Sadly this is not the case, with garage kit makers limiting production runs to the dozens and PVC figure manufacturers to the hundreds or low thousands, not to mention doujin artists who entirely neglect sales beyond their close circle of friends or eroge companies unwilling to sell outside Japan. (continues)

Site News: HD Akiba meet today

Shipon is in Tokyo this weekend for a Gonzo studio visit and for Monday’s Comic1, so I’m heading down to Akihabara today to meet up and chill (and fulfill my requisite quota of consumer whoredom, of course). Will probably have an evening update or two, but for viewing in the interval I recommend the newly available demo movie for Ane wa Ero-Komi Henshuusha. Truly a fine example of the craft! (no more)