We scoop the low-down on the fifteen biggest game releases of the coming weekend (in no particular order), examine Terios’s newly announced Happy Princess, speculate on the nature of a Hadashi Shoujo teaser image, take a ride on the tentacley side with a pair of new doujin soft releases (AskRay included), and Shiiko. Warning: this post is confusing, even to me.

The last weekend of any given month is always a big one for eroge releases, and since starting my current job I think I’ve figured out why: the majority of Japanese are paid monthly on the 25th, leaving them flush with cash going into the subsequent weekend and ready for a bunch of discretionary spending.

This month is no different, and as usual Galge.com has the scoop on the 48 games that are going on sale today, April 27th. A quick roundup of the more notable titles follows:

D.C. II fan disc

sci-fi shota harem

a Baldr game without Baldr in the title?

epic sci-fi action

school love comedy with highbrow girls

Figure@Mate fan disc

ecchi hospital love comedy

some game with sex in it

sisters… sisters… never were there such devoted sisters…

  • Atelier Kaguya’s Delta

harem with angels

something vaguely loli

“kurai mirai 4” more like “final oxymoron 13”

TANA-designed really crazy shit

Girl Power: the game, only with more lactation

depressing harem training with interesting art

  • Yokota Mamoru fans rejoice: Terios has an official page online for their recently announced Happy Princess! From the promotional material out thus far it’s apparently a clone of their earlier Ikinari Happy Bell (all of the girls are bound and determined to become your bride, or commit hilarious pratfalls in the attempt), though I prefer Shiiko to Nono (the new maid / judge as to who your future wife will be / SUPER SEKRET love interest and most popular character).

This is not Shiiko.

This is not Shiiko.

  • Speaking of happy princesses, maker Hadashi Shoujo has updated their official site with a rough character design image for their next game. A princess will be starring, but they haven’t decided on a title or even a theme yet – it might be a love comedy, a training sim, or something else entirely. From the single rough image there I can’t tell who the designer is; if anyone has any ideas I’d be curious to hear them.

This might be a happy princess, but it is not Shiiko.

This might be a happy princess, but it is not Shiiko.

  • Crepe has an official page up for their budget title Shinnin Kyonyuu Kyoushi Nana, a fairly self-explanatory game from the sample images available. It goes on sale via download tomorrow (April 28th) and in package form on May 25th.

This is not Shiiko either.

This is not Shiiko either.

  • Semi-pro doujin soft circle Courreges A (sister brand of the original Soft Circle Courreges – the “A” stands for “anime”, presumably) has their latest game available for download starting today. Entitled Shokushu Shoujo (tentacle girl), it features art by Bosshii (AskRay) as well as animated scenes that look surprisingly good, for Aftereffects work. A demo movie is available here… those seeking immediate gratification can hit up DLsite, though I think I’ll be waiting for the package version.

Definitely not Shiiko.

Definitely not Shiiko.

  • In other tentacle doujin game news, maker Lusterise has unveiled the particulars of Shokushin, the doujin game to be accompanying their big-box Shoku release on May 25th as a free extra for those who preordered the game. Apparently they’re planning to sell it as a standalone afterwards, somewhat diminishing its value as an extra (or putting it in concrete monetary terms, from another perspective). Regardless, Shokushin boasts contributions from a fine collection of semi-pro doujin artists that should definitely not be missed by fans of the genre.

This is Shiiko. She is very expensive.

This is Shiiko. She is very expensive.