Shipon, Seiya, and Shingo (say that three times fast) represent today with a compiled glimpse into their various havens of otakudom. If you’ve been wondering what makes the minds behind this site tick, wonder no more…


Since I’ve been in Japan my figure collection has grown – I can’t go down to Akihabara without having to haul back something in a boxed blister-pack. My apartment is relatively large in comparison to many single denizens of Japan. I credit living in the middle of nowhere and working for local government. I don’t really go in for ero figures, and I’m not too concerned about the percieved “cheapness” of Sega prize figures (such as my 97 000 variations of Rei and Asuka from Evangelion). The only downside to having my figures out on the shelves is that I live near a main highway and consequently, they get an oily film on them which attracts dust which required constant dusting and perhaps sometime in the near future I’ll have to wash them all. My biggest problem now is shelf-space. I’ve filled all my shelves and I really don’t want to buy more that I’ll have to get rid of when I leave Japan next year. Perhaps I can experiment with suspending them from the ceiling…

The living room in my spacious ‘crib’.

Another shot. Notice the live feed from The Matrix, courtesy of the dedicated MacMini torrent machine as well as the PS2 & DVD collection nestled amongst the ‘Megami’, ‘Dengeki Gs’ and doujin.

Personalised dynamic wallpaper containing photos, tickets, passes & ‘omake’ postcards from shopping.

Tsukimiya Ayu from ‘Kanon’

Katase Shima from ‘Uchuu no Stellvia’

‘Evangelion’s Soryuu-Langely Asuka and Ayanami Rei – Tennis version

Ayanami Rei from ‘Evangelion’ School version

Soryuu-Langely Asuka from ‘Evangelion’ School version

Ayanami Rei from ‘Evangelion’ Swimsuit version

Soryuu-Langely Asuka from ‘Evangelion’ Swimsuit version

Arisa Glennorth and Katase Shima from ‘Uchuu No Stellvia’

Amamiya Manami from ‘Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight’

Bubbles, Blossom & Buttercup from ‘The Powerpuff Girls’


The room, in all its nerdy glory. Note that despite how it’s labeled, the arcade cabinet plays Vampire Saviour, not “Caveman Ninja”. I just couldn’t be arsed to change the marquee. One other point of interest is the media graveyard in the corner (dead laserdisc player and zombie beta deck).

Slightly better angle on the shelves. Please don’t read too much into the Makoto towel. I just…needed a towel.

West wall, all shelves.

South wall, desk and media center. Contents of the desk slots include:

  • One really obnoxious talking Lina Inverse toy.
  • One unredeemed ticket for the Nadesico movie.
  • A Nadesico music box (not box-shaped)
  • The mythical Sword of Gainax.

Mini media center, complete with laserdisc.

My desk. Special attention should be paid to the Nerv logo done in stained glass, which was made for me by the woman I love. Also, poor Tamaki lost her stand between that country and this, and now needs to lie down all the time. But we still love her.

Above the desk, some figures and fake sushi.

Big shelves. Holds games, manga, and laserdiscs. Note the huge Gundam 0079 set and massive Marmalade Boy boxes. Those things were a bitch to carry home. The Gundam box in particular almost killed me.

Bonus picture! This is the media center, with the fancy new TV. Technically not in the same room, but the site of much otaku love nonetheless.


Having just moved into the new place a few months ago things are still in considerable disarray, but at least all of the boxes are unpacked. There’s a Grand Scheme for the layout of the place that is still far from realization; should it ever reach that point it may become fodder for a subsequent post. The place feels pretty dreary without all all the posters… Note: some of the following images are not safe for work.

Ye olde bedroom, complete with computer, shelving for PC software, and tasteful “cardboard curtains”. A few figures laying around as well that haven’t made it to the hobby room yet… This room has no AC, so I’ll need to figure out some arrangement come the nasty summer months.

The hobby room, with a jury rigged fume hood and painting setup on one wall, photo shoot area for figures in the center, and shelving all around. I unequipped weapons and various delicate bits from the figures prior to the move, which have yet to be restored… it’ll happen eventually.

The library room (and the only one with AC). Lots and lots and lots of books, still not all properly arranged yet, but we’re getting there.

Omake: what my former place looked like immediately after the move. I still can’t believe all that stuff fit in there… Thanks to KoF2000 for the pictures!

And there you have it – a look at the abodes of the three main contributors to HD. Hopefully we haven’t scared you off entirely…

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