Scooped here earlier this week, the official Ar Tonelico II site is grand open today! It currently contains information on the three main characters, the game world, and various elements of gameplay in addition to a “special contents” section that boasts a downloadable wallpaper. When I visited the site earlier today I was dismayed to hear that I could hear nothing – unlike the website of the game’s predecessor (and the AT2 teaser site up a few days ago), the otherwise fully Flashed site was silent. I was quite pleased upon checking the site again tonight to hear that a wonderful BGM track was put up in my absence, however, and it’s on loop as I type this – the same track that was in the teaser, I believe, but still a great listen. I’d recommend visiting the site for that alone, if not for the stunning visuals and scads of attractive moon language scrawlings. (no more)