Those versed in the moon language will know that there are two kanji for the word moe: 萌 (sprouting, budding, this) and 燃 (burning, blazing, this). For the past few weeks HD has been doing both at the same time, resulting in a) a dish of charred bean sprouts that nobody wants to eat and b) a bunch of site updates and improvements, largely thanks to jetfuel (all praise his elite hacking skills!). It is the latter the following post purports to expound upon:

If you’ll take a gander at the right sidebar you’ll notice a few new widget growths that have popped up recently. They are quite self-explanatory, but I will detail them anyway because they look so pretty:

Event Calendar

    It’s a calendar with events on it! You can hover your cursor over dates to see what sweet and wholesome goodness they contain, or click upon them to be directed to a category containing the day’s event posts. I plan to fill this largely with events and release dates of items particularly of interest to me, so if you are me you will no doubt find this a useful feature. If not, your mileage may vary.


    Believe it or not, HD has been around in various incarnations for over three years (!). With this handy and quite generic archives listing you can browse to the month of your choice and see how we were making fools of ourselves back then. Endless hours of entertainment? You decide!

HD Recommends

    While I’d still recommend some version of Firefox for browsing the site (we look pretty good in Safari too; I can’t say much for IE other than if you are using it at this point you probably have a virus and should get it taken care of), thanks again to jetfuel’s coding wizardry (all praise his wine and ale!) we’re now able to recommend other things, too. Over time various items will be listed that have been discussed elsewhere on the blog and that I… well, recommend; if you’re looking to obtain them, clicking through the links in this section is certainly a way to do it!

That’s about it for now. A site inprovement in the hand is worth two in the unpublished memo post, as they say, and I’ve learned from many past failures that listing future plans for HD is a great way to torpedo them before they have a chance to get off the ground. Otaku blogging is truly a burning spirit fueled activity, and as long as that spirit is there the updates will naturally flow… on that note, I leave you with a crappy sketch I penned this evening for the occasion.