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Site News: Life in HD

Those versed in the moon language will know that there are two kanji for the word moe: 萌 (sprouting, budding, this) and 燃 (burning, blazing, this). For the past few weeks HD has been doing both at the same time, resulting in a) a dish of charred bean sprouts that nobody wants to eat and b) a bunch of site updates and improvements, largely thanks to jetfuel (all praise his elite hacking skills!). It is the latter the following post purports to expound upon:

[ERO] Figure News: Griffon’s Queen’s Blade Menace and Airi cold casts up for preorder

Long known to be in the making thanks to Griffon‘s earlier convention announcements and their listing on the official Queen’s Blade goods page, it’s now official: Menace and Airi are both available for preorder, with release set for July. While I like the look of both kits enough to order them if they were PVCs from Megahouse, my one experience with a Griffon cold cast to date did not bring satisfaction commensurate to the price. Bring it down by about two thirds and you’ve got a value proposition I can agree with… (pictures below)