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Anime News: Aika R-16 second promo video online

And unlike the first, this one delivers. While I still don’t care for the character designs, we finally get a glimpse of what will make or break this new Aika incarnation: the panchira. I’m pleased to report that it’s every bit as hilariously blatant as the first installment was ten years ago (was it that long?), and if nothing else should provide great fodder for a drinking game. I’m looking forward to the OVA’s April 25th release with guilty (or not so guilty…) pleasure. (no more)

PS2 Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico sequel announced, teaser site online

News in from Moon Phase today that a sequel is in the works for one of the premiere RPG titles of 2006, celebrated for its phenomenal soundtrack and innovative gameplay, Ar Tonelico. Dubbed Ar Tonelico 2: Sekai wo Hibiku Shoujotachi no Metafalica (“the girls’ creation song that resounds through the world”), it will feature the return of the creative team of Gust and Banpresto with the same band of accomplished musicians and artists to bring another tale from the same vivid universe as the original, and is slated for release later this year. The teaser site is up here; I strongly recommend you drop everything at hand and head over for a watch (and listen – the track accompanying the flash animation is sublime). We’ll be following this eagerly on HD just as we did its predecessor. Edit: those looking for a bit meatier scoop can head over to Famitsu, where they have a respectable number of screenshots up and introduce a few of the new gameplay features. (no more)

Pure Love Renaissance : How To Con In Japan – Part 1

Shipon delves into the logistics of conning in Japan in this informative series of… things. First up – Lodgings. Where can you stay in Tokyo when conning, that won’t con you out of your precious doujin/figure cash?

[ERO] Figure Review: Movic’s Musubi PVC, from Sekirei

When a trio of Sekirei figures were announced at Wonder Festival Summer 2006, despite the good-looking prototypes available at the event I wasn’t particularly interested. That all changed when I picked up the manga that was their source, and realized that Gokurakuin Sakurako‘s delightful little bundle of fanservice and moe was more than I had given it credit for. Does Movic’s PVC rendition of Musubi do her manga counterpart justice? I’d answer that with a resounding YES, but don’t take my word for it – read on!