A roundup of various ero items that have crossed the newsdesk recently, including the unexpected reincarnation of Comic Revolution, a Linda hug pillow, more Djibril anime, site updates of several of the games we’re tracking, a major maker’s first move into the doujin download price bracket, speculation on Hadashi Shoujo’s upcoming title, and a plush Haniwa from Sengoku Rance. Haniiiiiiii!

Eromanga News

  • Akiba Blog reports on the recent release of Comic Revolution, a special edition of France Shoin‘s Papipo eromanga serial. The title has caused a bit of a scandal as it mirrors that of the storied and long-running doujinshi convention Comic Revolution, which ended a 37-event history in the spring of 2005. Yes, that Comic Revolution – the one with a cultural footprint big enough to have an anime series named after it. As this manga release is a one shot special edition deal it’s not likely that the controversy will continue beyond a couple of weeks, but this would be a fun item to peruse more thoroughly for a variety of reasons…

    As an aside, it seems that Ichikawa Kouichi (the event organizer and single motive force behind Comic Revolution) is back at the helm of the production committee for the upcoming Comic1, seemingly in a bid for the succession of Revolution’s former prominence as the all genre doujin event not to miss in the long dry spell between winter and summer Comikets. For the sake of all doujin fans I hope he succeeds.

  • The second volume of Comic Sigma‘s special DVD edition, creatively titled Comic Sigma Plus, goes on sale this Friday (April 13th). In addition to the Urushihara Satoshi cover and the “cho-ero DVD” included, according to the special site set up to promote the magazine’s sale it will come with mail order options for a drama CD and a Linda-illustrated hug pillow. Available soon at a convenience store near you!*

Eroanime News

  • Animac has an official page online for their new eroanime OVA, Makai Tenshi Djibril 2, along with news that the first volume will be out on May 25th. Based on the Front Wing game by the same name and following in the footsteps of their Djibril 1 series I’m not guessing this announcement portends anything beyond the ordinary, but fans of the magical angel genre will no doubt be enthused.

Doujin News

  • Toranoana has demo movies and sample CG up for two new doujin soft titles, Diagnosis 2 from circle Bluewater (due out on May 11th) and circle Rolling Star‘s Miwaku no Mahoujin, released on April 6th. The latter is already available for purchase via download, so interested parties, get thee to an amicable download station of thy choosing.

Eroge News

Harking back to the omnibus post from late last month:

  • An official page is now online for Lilith Mist’s newest title (and the first ever game to feature designs by TANA), Shion. Eagerly anticipating the April 27th package release.
  • A large batch of sample CG is up at 13cc’s Ane wa Ero-komi Henshuusha page, scooped here just the other day. Given the front-and-center role the sister’s bust seems to be taking in the flow of game events this is looking more like a sure purchase, and the sample dialog hints that the protagonist isn’t exactly a pushover, either. Yay!
  • An interesting move from maker Honey Pot today with their announcement and official page launch of a series of extreme budget games entitled Kyou no Okazu (eng. today’s snack or today’s side dish, terminology I first came across in the Asuka hospital bed scene in End of Evangelion… pretty self-explanatory). Priced at 800 yen with a schedule of three releases per month, this marks the first move of a mainstream full-budget eroge maker into turf dominated until now by semiprofessional doujin artists. Indeed, for the first three games in their lineup it seems they’ve drafted a group of said artists and are using the company’s size and capital base to their advantage to add features (professional voice, mostly, along with a slicker interface) at a price point that doesn’t normally see them. This is a fascinating development in the eroge economy and I’m very curious to see a) whether it succeeds, and b) if other makers follow in Honey Pot’s footsteps in the coming months. The three games currently listed are also scheduled to be released in a package version on April 27th, competing at the “simple 2000” price point – might be worth picking up, for research purposes of course.
  • Maker Hadashi Shoujo is currently undergoing a major site renovation, and while they’re mucking around behind the scenes they’ve posted a bit of character production art from their next title for fans to salivate over. Those aren’t Ino designs, unfortunately, but I have a strong feeling they might be Kei‘s work – which if true would be just as phenomenally awesome news as another Oshioki Sweetie sequel. I’ll be refreshing the site every few minutes until their promised update some time next week.
  • The last word in ero today comes from GA Graphics, who report that a plush stuffed Haniwa from Alice Soft’s Sengoku Rance will go on sale at Dream Party Spring 2007. The Haniwa have a long and rich cultural history that has absolutely nothing to do with the Rance series of games, in which they appear as a race of magic resistant mascot characters with awesome theme music and a really tough final boss (though Sengoku Rance deviates from this pattern somewhat). If I had to name one item from an eroge that would find its highest incarnation in a plush toy, this is certainly it.

Sengoku Rance Haniwa plush