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Spring 2007 Anime Roundup: Part 1

Spring is here! ‘Tis the season of cherry blossoms, freshly starched school uniforms, confessions of love, and more new anime than a single person could possibly keep up with who wasn’t clinically insane (or had some semblance of a social life). Today we begin the arduous task of handling that insanity for you, providing the HD perspective on as many of the season’s new shows as we possibly can before we’re hauled off to a room with padded walls. They say an initial sign of madness is referring to oneself in the plural… In today’s installment, pulled from the quickly swelling grab bag of raws at hand: Gurren Lagann, Hayate no Gotoku, Lovely Complex, and Lucky Star.

Figure News: Cerberus Project-sculpted, Lilics-produced Chii PVC up for preorder at Amiami

Fans of CLAMP’s Chobits anime and manga rejoice: Amiami has just posted a listing for a new Chii PVC figure from sculptor N.S Gun (Cerberus Project) and maker Lilics (Artstorm). This isn’t the first time Lilics and Cerberus have teamed up to produce a Chii figure; the first Lilics figure on the market, in fact, was a PVC rendition of this 2002 vintage sculpt. It was released at a quality level and price point that made it unpalatable to most fans, and is still sitting around in dark corners of hobby shops here today; I have higher hopes for this newly announced kit (2003 original here), as both the sculpt and the price point seem far more reasonable this time around. A serious item to consider as its July ’07 scheduled release approaches. (pictures below)