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Figure News: Yamashita Shunya launches Aoshima’s new bishoujo division with an original PVC kit

According to this post on artist Yamashita Shunya’s official blog, model company Aoshima will be launching a new brand entitled “Blue Lagoon”. The brand’s maiden production will be the Yamashita-designed “Rudy”, a 1/7-scale PVC kit which will retail in July 2007 at 6,090 yen (tax included). Sculpting duty has been entrusted to Modeller T of garage kit circle Ara-ara Komatta-dou, and it seems like he’s done a fine job. Yamashita mentions that interchangeable “conversion” chest parts will be included with the PVC kit, which piques the interest as well… (pictures below)

Protoculture News: Maritan Goods Update

In this time of war it would be remiss of us not to cover the efforts on behalf of everyone’s favorite moe magical marine mascot, Pixel Maritan. HD scoops the fresh dirt, taken straight from her official site’s info page.