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Figure News: Nami SOS PVC available for preorder (tentacles included)

Last night Amiami listed for preorder what has to rank among the most ridiculous and yet oddly alluring figures I have ever seen: the improbably-bosomed Koishikawa Nami from eroanime/manga Nami SOS, complete with a set of configurable tentacles. In a strange coincidence I only became aware of this particular bit of animated detritus a few days ago while checking for Front Innocent updates… The figure is due out in July from maker Romando, not particularly known for their bishoujo figures. I’d recommend avoiding this item like the plague, really, unless you feel the same strange compulsion I do (or want to give a really bizarre gift to a “friend”). Shots ganked from Amiami below:

[EROGE] Anim’s Gyakushuu Ni on sale

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Eroge News: Da Capo II Spring Celebration coming on April 27th

HD presents coverage of Da Capo II Spring Celebration, the latest offering in the storied series that began with the original Da Capo in 2002. What can fans of the franchise look forward to in this new installment? That’s what we’re here to find out…

Spring 2007 Eroge Omnibus

So what’s up with those porn games? Shingo tackles that age-old question with a look at recent HD acquisitions and a survey of coming releases through June and beyond. You’ll ne’er find a more comprehensive prospectus list of games that I personally have some degree of interest in! Also: is <> the new :3? A hard-hitting exclusive report! Omake: another stab at useful game typology.